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Comment Defeat U.S. imperialism!!!! (Score -1, Offtopic) 135

Hillary Clinton and her Democratic party are the preferred administrators of Wall Street's bloody rule over the world. That is the source of all the Russia-bashing demagogy against the all-purpose racist clown Trump. But all bourgeois parties will shed oceans of blood to save the investments of their class. Green, Libertarian, Demopcratic, Republican: vote for them and you will get their system of endless war and horiffic racism, and grinding exploitation of the workers.

The only way to prevent a nuclear holocaust set off by U.S. imperialism is for the workers to take power! For a soviet America!

Comment Everyone is anti-war! (Score -1) 66

The Pentagon generals are anti-war. All of U.S. imperialism's wars are fought for peace, democracy, human rights, etc. Didn't you know that? As a capitalist politician, albeit a loser capitalist politician for whom the capitalists have no use, Jill Stein would continue this fine tradition

Comment America needs WAR! (Score -1) 49

Profits aren't up enough!

Capital needs an outlet!

Too much capital needs to be destroyed! Oil the gears with blood!

Remember! America's wars are for democracy and human rights!

If you want war, vote for any capitalist party! Green, Libertarian, Republican or Democrat! All will do the bidding of their capitalist masters!

Remember, our enemies are WORSE THAN HITLER and they violate HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!!!!! And they are CHINAMEN!!!!

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