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Comment Re:Second Life still has thousands of users? (Score 2) 54

Just for grins you might try reading TFA, and learn something about why it's still popular enough to be profitable for Linden Labs.

Jesus, dude, CHILL OUT!

All he said was he was surprised it was still around, he didn't shit on it and suggest all SL users are neck-beards in their mom's basement, or something (or is that YOU?)

As one who is not involved in SL, it didn't occur to me that unlike MANY MANY similar ideas, it hadn't faded into history for whatever reason. But that's not meant as an insult (as clearly you took it), simply an observation from someone who never got into SL. To each their own.

Comment Re:Don't work, don't carry (Score 1) 508

If you are taking a trip to somewhere your phone requires roaming charges you should not take your phone with you.

Indeed. In fact, a good thing to do is simply get to where you're going and buy a "burner phone". You can dump it if you choose, or keep it and hand it over to the Brown Shirts when you re-enter the US...

Comment Re:moving all the time is dumb (Score 1) 490

That's only true of small towns that aren't near a decent sized urban center. Which probably doesn't describe a very significant part of the country.

I'm guessing you don't spend a lot of time outside the city (not an insult)...

Look at a map sometime, every state has hundreds of small towns with 500 or 600 people (or less) geographically distant from anything that could be considered a big or medium sized city.

Comment Curated News? Bullshit. (Score 4, Interesting) 139

"News curator app"?


News aggregator. And the person doing the work is not a "news curator", he/she is what's known as an "editor" - the thing that people complain Slashdot does not have. Or maybe Slashdot has "story curators", and since they don't exist, stories don't get "curated" at Slashdot...

The "curator" business is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Comment Low Interest In The Public (Score 0) 216

Encrypted email is not âoeuser friendlyâ for the average Joe because for the most part, people arenâ(TM)t interested in it, and so brain-dead easy apps generally have not been developed. Encryption for business and government is the focus, while most âoeregularâ people â" excluding those with paranoia â" just donâ(TM)t seem to think it adds anything for them.

Having said that, my employer, the Department of Defense, uses Outlook and a card with a chip in it that stores my credentials, and I can encrypt an email simply by clicking on a button.

Comment Game Time! (Score 1) 251

I think most people accept that eventually we will have implants that both do their own AI processing as well as interface with other technology. The cell phone will be the first to be integrated.

This will be a huge problem at work as IT will no longer be able to ban games and people will sit at their desks playing games in their heads, prattling of Slashdot and Facebook, and generally screwing off, invisible to the boss.

Comment Re:Someone has been visited by an MS rep (Score 5, Insightful) 557

I've seen this: some high-powered MS rep chats up a boss, and *presto*:

Believe it or not there are other issues beyond "Libre/Open/WhateverOffice is just as good", because you see, big organizations such as municipalities use more software than just office, and many of them simply don't run or run well on Wine or such. And the alternatives to Excel for very complex spreadsheets leave a lot to be desired.

It's easy to think that money changed hands, but there may just be more to it than that.

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