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Comment Re:Trump's Fault (Score 1) 123

There weren't ice ages until the recent past (2.5MYA) and in the intervening years we've had about 24 periods of global warming and global cooling (ice ages) and numerous mini-ice ages.

I'm not sure if you're serious... You think there weren't ice ages until 2.5MYA? That's patently false....

You're correct. I was talking about the Pliocene Ice Age. There weren't ice ages for what? 250 million years (a quarter of a billion years) until recently.

... checking wikipedia

"There have been at least five major ice ages in the earth's past (the Huronian, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan, Karoo Ice Age and the Quaternary glaciation). Outside these ages, the Earth seems to have been ice-free even in high latitudes.[31][32]"

The Karoo was from: "360 to 260 " MYA.

The chicken little aspect of global warming comes from saying "the world will end" if CO2 levels rise to a quarter what it was 50 million years ago. No. It won't. That exaggeration is part of the problem. Need we do something about pollution? yes of course. Need we reduce carbon emissions? yes, of course.

Will the world end; will civilization collapse if we take another 20 years before the advent of wind and solar and other alt-energies become significant players? No. Hell no. Exaggerating claims only hurts our credibility.

Comment Re:Incorrect! (Score 1) 382

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Laws are decided by the people who live in the country. Not the rest of the world.

I'm an atheist. How about you insist (and get Saudi Arabia to agree) that all people can go everywhere and we all follow our own rules. Why? Because we're all one people.

Stop making things up and then calling other people bigots for not following it.

Comment Re:Trump's Fault (Score 1) 123

The climate has always changed. There weren't ice ages until the recent past (2.5MYA) and in the intervening years we've had about 24 periods of global warming and global cooling (ice ages) and numerous mini-ice ages.

CO2 levels were magnitudes higher 50 million years ago. An era dominated by mammals. Life would flourish at CO2 levels many times the level shouted by alarmists.

I personally find the chicken little aspect of some to be extremely detrimental to accomplishing rational solutions: namely cutting down on fossil fuels (not only for CO2 levels); reducing the production of carcinogenic industrial by-products; and safely disposing of these harmful products.

Comment Re:Market Forces Kill Coal (Score 1) 200

People hear different things. The coal miners (and others) heard that Trump was going to try to bring back middle-class blue collar jobs. They don't care if it's a coal mine, installing solar panels, an oil pipeline, building refineries - what counts are blue collar jobs.

And not the BS trope but forth by the high-almighty that we're going to train you to become code monkeys (and then triple the approved H1-B visas) .

The Dems used to be the party of labor. Not anymore. The Dems abandoned labor in favor of identity politics and other progressive Shibboleths.

Comment Re: no comments? (Score 1) 268

??? There was a short recession 1989-1990. Then it slowly recovered. Staggering a bit in 1992 and then took off.

The media was calling Bush 41 out of touch; that the economy was staggering. Bush was saying that the economy was getting stronger. As soon as Clinton won (see link in earlier post) the media started calling it the Clinton Recovery.

Whatever happened after has nothing to do with the 1992 election.

Re the claim: there wasn't a recession in the late 90s. It was a boom time.

See chart:

Comment Re:Do we really? (Score 1) 382

Prices are low because we're drilling and fraking. A few years ago it was $4.00 and politicians were famously saying it would never be under $2.00 again.

We need to continue this. Bring the pipeline down to the refineries and stop sending money to fanatics.

We can tax the revenue and to bring about alt energies.

Re global warming - bad economy leads to unrest the world over. Gas is better than oil and coal. We need to come up with solutions that work in India, Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia - the world over to we can move to alt-energy.

Simply reducing supply, such as your proposing, is not good idea. (IMHO)

We have 20 years or so until alt energy becomes the dominant source. We need to get there without war; without mass upheaval; and as quickly as possible arrive at alternatives. Taxing cheap oil and using the revenue to promote alternatives is a good idea.

Comment Re: no comments? (Score 1) 268

Again. The issue isn't the work done. It's the fact that it is a Cabinet Level position. There will always need to be an HR staff for the military. It needn't be a cabinet level position. It's the hallmark of a bloated bureaucracy. The work needs to be done. The title and the perks with the title can go.

Again. Re the Postmaster General. The work needs to be done. The cabinet level position can go.

As you pointed out there isn't a "true" patron-client relationship in place, but they still exist. New positions that act as "stepping stones" for higher office are created all the time. NYC has borough presidents and the Public Advocate.These positions have no purpose except to act as resume enhancers and helps people jockey for political power. These positions need to go. Bureaucracies throughout the ages are famous for this, whether in government or in large corporations.

When do we start to phase them out? Again - it's not the work involved - it's the position. The work, obviously, still needs to be done.

Comment Re:Incorrect! (Score 1, Interesting) 382

Yeah. I get it. You're being foolish and shortsighted.

Renewable energy is the way of the near future. But that is no reason to oppose the Keystone Pipeline. We need carbon based fuel in the now. Let's produce it here. Make jobs here. Don't send money to the Saudi religious nuts. And use the tax revenue from said production to fund alternative solutions.

Re immigration? When do you say no? When we have a 500 million people (in 30 yrs) or 1 billion people (in 70 years)?

Who gets to decide? The people living here? Or do they have no say?

It's foolishness to say that the people here have no say.

Comment Re: no comments? (Score 1) 268

Ambassadorships are, in large part, patronage jobs.

The Department of Education does not need, should not be an Executive Branch responsibility.

Another example would be the VA. It's the Armed Forces HR. It made sense in 1946 when 13+ million people (out of a population of less than 150 million) were being discharged. It doesn't make sense today.

Get rid of it.

Another one is the Postmaster General. This made sense in 1788. It doesn't make sense today.

These roles are necessary. The Cabinet level position for the role is not. Time for them to go.

We're not talking about the work - we're talking about the position.

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