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Comment Re: we were just heading back into an ice age. (Score 1) 221

Good point. Unnecessary choice of words.

Look at a graph of global temperatures and you see a huge variation over the hundreds of millions of years. And I'm not talkig about the swing in temperatures pre large-fauna. Even 50 million years ago when mammals comprised the dominant species the temperature and CO2 levels were far higher.

Remember our original posts were focused on the rise of temperature starting 150 years ago.

Comment Re: we were just heading back into an ice age. (Score 1) 221

Take a look at a graph of coal production. Coal use grows at an exponential pace.

A quick search shows the graphs linked to below. Coal use is grows exponentially but only becomes significant around 1850. Coal production in the 18th C was minimal in comparison to that extracted and used in 1850, and close to insignificant to today.

The comparison to volcanos was not coal production in the year 2000 but coal production in the year 1850.

Coal production before 1850 was in the 30-50 million tons / year. Today it is 8,000 - 10,000 tons / year.

Coal production was approximately 0.003 of what it is today. So you can see that it is comparable to volcanic activity.

Comment Re: we were just heading back into an ice age. (Score 1) 221

Maybe. Just maybe it's more complicated than you make it out to be. If you are correct then you should be angry every time you hear the phrase "the warmest summer in recorded history." And then you find out that "recorded history" only refers to man written records (150 years) or satellite records (30 years).

And yet we see that temperatures were much higher in the past. And then lower. And then higher. And then lower. And then higher ... You get my point.

We also see that there were 26 ice ages in the last 2.5 million years. Each of these Ice Ages and periods of Global Warming between them. And interestingly enough - why did glaciation begin 2.5 million years ago? Maybe continental drift had something to do with that.

All these temperature variations have had nothing to do with people.

Oh. You say - the slope of the curve is unique for the last 150 years? Really? What was the slope of the curve for a 150 year period 10,000 years ago? 100,000 years ago? 1,000,000 years ago? Oh. We don't know that. So then how do you know that this 150 year period was unique?

On that note - the amount of industrialization 150 years ago was trivial compared to today comparable to volcanic activity. So then - the rise in temperatures 150 years ago was not a result of man-made global warming,

Your scare mongering and irrationality is not as based upon science as you think it is.

Does this mean nothing should be done? Of course not. (Too long for this post.)

You are also very wrong in thinking that small-government libertarians would do nothing about pollution and environmental depredations. Instead of rehashing talking points there are many articles and books that show a variety of ways of dealing with this problem. Here's a mental exercise - do you think that a libertarian property owner would have no problem (and no recourse in a libertarian society) if a company was dumping toxic waste on his property, destroying his crops/ranch/property/etc? Do really think that's the case? Do you really think that this was never thought of? Do you not now see the falsehood upon which your outrage was based?

Comment Re:Lack of government is the problem (Score 1) 327

You do realize that Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, Frederick Hayek, Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman were not anarchists. You do realize that free-market advocates do not promote caveat emptor.

Disagree all you want but if you truly believed in your ideals then you would have no problem if others chose to live differently. Hence have the states build your socialist, all-caring utopia. Leave me out of it.

Comment Re:Electronic Waste Recycling Fee... (Score 1) 166

To bad you don't understand that free market does not mean fraud is acceptable.

A free market society also has to deal with fraud the same as a mercantile or socialist economy.

So, rather than saying that a free market economy would do nothing about said problem why don't you see what they would do?

Comment Re:Lack of government is the problem (Score 1, Troll) 327

You think there is a lack of government? I think there is too much. Especially regarding the federal government.

How about we agree on this.

Reduce the Federal Government to it's constitutionally limited responsibilities and you and your ilk have your state government(s) show the rest of us how it's done?

Build your nirvana; your ideal state. If it works as you, of course, know it will then people will flock to your state; and other states will adopt your platform. Then we can have fools like me live in their foolish way in their states and you and everyone who knows better will live in a wonderful state where everything works just fine.

Howz that sound to you?

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1) 99

Yes. The more power you give to government the more people spend to control this power.

You want to change this? Don't have government try to solve every last problem - this way you (as the oversight committee - ie the voter) is able to focus on the important items.

The less the govt is involved in the more you can see what's going on. The more it does everything the less you can do.

Example - speed limits shouldn't be the province of the fed government.

re net neutrality - maybe the FEC should be LESS powerful. Then money wouldn't be going there to influence decisions.

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

So much wrong with this post.

Just revisit your statement: "The stay at home housewife was another reaction to the over abundance of labour." WTF?

Women NEVER left the family home / farm until late 19thC industrialization and even then it was limited. Until post WWII the housewife was a valuable and time intensive job. .

From washing clothes without a washing machine and dryer, to cooking without in door plumbing to getting and preserving food without refridgerators to everything else (and let's not forget taking care of children).

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