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Comment Re:Color me skeptical (Score 1) 399

You must live somewhere else than were I am - over here the last 50 years of movement to the larger cities has left lots of free space, and housing, in the smaller cities - some are in decay, but many are being maintained.
Also, if there's a desire to leave the metropolises it likely will be possible to build new housing in the country-side, and also likely that it wont exactly be a mass exodus.

Note: Part of what makes housing expensive in the largest cities isn't the number of people alone, but the lack of available space to build on within the desired distance to work-centres.

Comment Re:Against TOS (Score 1) 651

As for the terms of service the recipient is not a party to the contract, so it can't regulate this in any way. It can only regulate the relationship between you and Facebook, if you hand over the password they have cause to terminate your account. That can of course leave the user caught between a rock and a hard place, either they "voluntarily" hand over the password to US customs or they're refused entry into the US. But neither contract nor criminal law absolves you of any duties just because complying is difficult.

If Facebook started to suspend accounts that had been searched at the border, would the backlash be against Facebook or the US Gov?

Comment Re:Varying copyright terms; age rating (Score 1) 55

EU has fairly unified copyright rules.
Age restrictions apply, but except for a small set (e.g. Nazi symbolism in material to be sold in Germany), getting refused classification is unlikely - if you cannot/will sell a product in some EU countries because of differing age-restrictions, you wont want to sell it to non-EU countries either.

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

The mouse-pointer thing on consoles is becoming more common - Warthunder is a pain in the behind with a controller, and Warframe is going to a mouse-pointer-on-consoles design as well.

As for Paragon, didn't have too much issue with the UI - the constantly crying PC players on the other hand, are annoying.

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