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Comment Re:Reason (Score 2) 104

If you prefer not to give your phone number to Google, don't. Just turn on two-factor auth using a non phone number-based auth method, either the Authenticator app or (better yet) a security key, or both. Then download and print out some backup 2FA codes and keep them somewhere safe. Google won't have your phone number and you won't be vulnerable to mistakes by dumb telco customer service reps.

Not google, but on Twitter I've had to use 2FA codes 2-3 times daily - any hiccup, and I have to log in again, and every time(!) it'll request a code.
Sure, could print a dozen or 2, but I'll burn through them quickly.

Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 1) 58

A screen of a given size, with "SmartTV", speakers, 3 different digital-TV decoders, multiple HDMI ports and various legacy-ports is _cheaper_ than a screen of the same size, with ca the same panel, but with none of the above features and just a single HDMI port.

Reason? The masses wants features, even if they don't understand why, so a SKU with features can be produced and sold in MUCH larger quantities than a "dumb" product.

Result? Even us techies will pick up the over-designed SmartTV thing, because it is literally the best option there is for the moeny.

Comment Re:Note 7 side-effect? (Score 1) 310

I had one of the "exploding" Dell laptops, with the short-circuiting batteries (Same issue as Samsung claims with the Note 7) - not sure what I'm supposed to be getting from that brand, that I wouldn't be getting from Samsung :)

At least with the service contract, they were able to next-day me a new battery.

Comment Re:Lenovo and apple only? (Score 1) 310

I No more Windows Just Crapped Itself And Ate Her Report At 11PM on Sunday

macOS Sierra (10.12) does this - Twice recently it has just closed all applications and logged me out, randomly, with no warning.
Last time was during an iMovie export, with ca 15 minutes left - had to re-run the export, after iMovie spent half an hour to check that its "database" is still valid.

Yeah, we use Apple computers too in this house-hold, but it is not problem free, not by a long stretch.

Comment Re:Harassing the security apparatus is pointless (Score 1) 50

Or, perhaps, there are a lot of people who will behave differently inside a voting booth than outside of it?

This is a pretty well-know scenario - when polled, people answer partly based on social expectations, but in the voting-booth it is solely their own opinion that matters.

Yes, that means there'll be reluctant Trump-supporters, who won't admit who they are voting for when polled, but will vote Trump on election day.

Have fun

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