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Comment Re:This could go either way (Score 1) 178

Yep the statistical likelihood of a graphics card failing suddenly and catastrophically raises to a near certainty when you register its fingerprint. Its the Murphy's Misery Principle - The likelihood of something going wrong is proportional to the amount of misery it would cause. Many graphics cards fail but still operate but with glitches. I imagine this might change the fingerprint.

Submission + - SPAM: ICS for Xoom is out! 1

GarryFre writes: Just turned on my Xoom and found the official ICS upgrade for Xoom available! Five minutes later its done. Multi touch keyboard as in being able to press shift key and letters at same time. Browser seems more stable. No more crashes on certain websites. I'm surprised nothing mentioned on web about this. Guess I'll be first. I note better auto correction.

Comment one of the problems with this cable is (Score 1) 369

Thieves have been breaking in in stealing the cable replacing it with the cheap ones from grocery outlet. Owners can't tell the difference in video quality at all until its too late and then the cable is long gone. Also they don't have serial numbers on them so please can't recover them. It's such a travesty. Prudent buyer should insure it each and every 1 of these cables. My gump said that's all I gotta say about that.

Submission + - Netflix Update Supports 3.x Android (

GarryFre writes: Today an update to Netflix was received on my Xoom tablet and Phone. The great news is Netflix now runs on 3.x (Honeycomb) android devices including my Xoom.

Good news and about time. Now lets hope that Hulu wakes up and smells the coffee.

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