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Comment Re:dear ieee reader (Score 1) 129

In this case the multiple endpoints were likely the legitimate users. They tested for around 1M submissions per hour (reports vary from 750,000 to 1,500,000). There are 15M total expected users. My bet is that some significant amount got home from work, had some dinner, then attempted to use the site.

Comment Re:Why 'scientists' are nothing but arseholes. (Score 1) 49

A torp launcher, cruise launcher, a heavy assault launcher, a heavy launcher, a rocket launcher, a light missile launcher, a shield booster, an armor repairer, a hull repairer, a 1MN afterburner, a 10MN afterburner, a 100MN afterburner.....

Should have been invincible, but the other guy cheated and CCP don't know how to make games.

Submission + - Australia: Your digital games (and movies!) will get more expensive (playerattack.com)

dotarray writes: Australians really are about to start paying more for digital services — including Steam games — as Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has confirmed plans to introduce a "Netflix tax" in this week's Federal Budget.

As mentioned last week, this is not a new tax, but an extension of Australia's current Goods and Services Tax to include digital services, adding 10% to virtual items and services purchased online. Details have not yet been revealed, but potential services include not only Steam games but also Netflix subscriptions and even Uber trips.

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