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Comment Re:Test it with the following (Score 3, Informative) 88

A real professional, conscientious translator will make sure their translation is unambiguous, even if the original isn't. We don't have the right to practise GIGO.
So provided there were only conscientious professional translators in the chain, yes, they'd pass the test easily.
Having said that, I don't believe the bouncy translation method is a good yardstick at all. A good translation isn't judged on its repeatability.

Comment Re:Brazilians know that sound (Score 1) 111

Jesus wept. They aren't trying to invalidate the trademark in Brazil. They are simply pointing out that the sound might well be part of one country's pop culture, but here in Europe a ring-ring sound, whatever its pitch or interval, has been synonymous with telephone calls ever since Adam was a lad, so sorry Globo, you are at least sixty years too late.

Comment Re:that's good (Score 1) 62

Actually, it describes
        - Cours d'eau de montagne, rapide et irrégulier, de faible longueur, plus ou moins à sec entre des crues violentes et brusques.
        - Liquide qui coule en abondance : Des torrents de larmes.
        - Abondance de quelque chose qui semble se répandre : Un torrent de lumière. Un torrent d'injures (

Because Torrent just happens to also be a French word. It wouldn't have been a valid reason in Spain (which however doesn't exclude other valid reasons).

Comment Re:truth vs fact (Score 1) 259

A fact is neither truth nor lie. It just is. A statement of fact on the other hand can be as true or false as any other statement.
That there are trees is a fact.
"There are trees" as a statement of fact is the truth.
"There are no trees" as a statement of fact is a lie.

Comment Re: This is sacrilege plain and simple (Score 1) 354

Or how about there were plenty of gays/bis in Entreprise but since their sexuality was not the least bit relevant to the plot, there is no way of knowing who they were.
One thing they did do was to invent a third sex it the Progenitor and to have an openly polygamous/polyandrous species in the Denobulans, whose everyday sexual alignment seemed a bit versatile.

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