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Comment Re:Echo-chamber fake news (Score 0, Flamebait) 365

by repeatedly pointing out errors (however trivial) out of the tens of thousands of news stories that are published every day

In other words, exactly the same thing the New York Times (and others) do with Trump's utterances. Please don't pretend that this is a one-sided thing.

Only with Trump, you can just wait for the next 4 sentences he utters, and at least 3 of them will have at least 1 error each. The fourth will be 100% opinion (It will be the GREATEST 'x'!)

Comment Re:Coffee (Score 1) 228

I agree, a coder should be more than a low-level technician. Engineer might be taking it a little too far, just for a coder. After all, a master mechanic that can diagnose an engine problem as well as an engineer will still have little ability to design an engine from scratch. I am not sure the coding world would be better with 100% engineers in place. After all, things like commons-digester and struts were designed by a prolific engineer, and the former is an absolutely atrocious solution no one should use ever IMNSHO. The latter was a common target for replacement for years due to short-comings, but sufficed for low-hanging fruit projects so stubbornly clung on for a decade.

Comment Re:Coffee (Score 0) 228

The job to evaluate technological skills must always be done by a chief engineer (or equivalent). If you do not have a chief engineer, then you cannot evaluate the technological skills of people, and that is it. Other engineering disciplines do understand this. But "coders" are often not even viewed as engineers these days, which is just plain stupid and just another facet of the same problem.

Most coders are not engineers in any way shape or form. Want to know if they might qualify as an engineer? Ask them how the memory access for an algorithm works. I'll bet you 99% of those you ask today cannot answer that question. Most of the remainder won't know how address space works under the covers nor how processes and threads work. They are nothing more than the mechanics at your local oil change place that don't have a clue about how the engine actually works. They can slap a few things together, change some stuff out, but that's it (just to throw in the car analogy)

Comment Re:That's becoming a meme (Score 1) 325

What was actionable: The 150+ Emails containing classified information that were on her unclassified private server. Each email constitutes a count of either failure to protect/negligent mishandling or intentional security compromise. Both charges are felonies, the first though has no requirement of Intent. Each count is worth 5 to 10 years in Prison and $10,000 or higher fine. How is that for actionable and quantifiable "what"? Everybody entrusted with classified information is held to the same legal standards, many a lessor person has faced decades in Jail for such a crimes. She could get lucky and be charged with the negligent mishandling charges for all the emails she sent. (she is not liable for emails sent to her that might have contained such info, but then the FBI should be going after whoever sent those to her), but as Classified information, is stored on physically separate networks and machines, the act of transferring the data, especially the Top Secret info that was on some of the emails, is a deliberate act so she should face the slightly more severe deliberate security compromise charges.

Last I looked at this, there was sensitive information on about 110 emails. Not classified, sensitive. There were 8 with what was considered "classified" information, at the time of the review. Nothing was said about who the source of those emails were, nor whether they were classified information at the time of sending. Note also that Clinton, as Sec of State, is someone with the authority to classify information. If she deemed it non-classified at the time of sending, it's non-classified at that time. So, unless you can convincingly prove that Clinton actually knowingly mishandled classified information, this is pretty much dead. Note that if you can prove this, you'd likely be in line for a high level DOJ spot, as quite a few rabidly partisan folks with law degrees and years of experience couldn't figure out a way to make that case.

In short, this is all about perception and a smear campaign. Where's the outrage about Powell's or Rice's use of private (non-governmental) email servers? Where's the review of those emails? Perhaps there isn't a criminal story in any of this.

Comment Re:Isn't this illegal? (Score 5, Funny) 325

Aren't they required to conduct all government business on government systems? Didn't Hilary got a whole lot of crap (and lose an election) over this?

Welp, they're in charge so I guess they get to make the rules, but did they even bother to change the laws first?

Trump and the GOP are hypocrites?

That's unpossible!


Submission + - Genetics used to improve crop production, naturally. (

Gr8Apes writes: Scientists have successfully decoded the genome of quinoa, a hugely popular "super-food" because it is well balanced and gluten-free. They have pinpointed one of the genes that they believe control the production of saponins (bitter toxic compounds that protect the plant from predators) which can facilitate the breeding of plants without saponins resulting in sweeter seeds without having to process them. The scientists also believe that the genetic understanding now gained will allow them to breed shorter, stockier plants that don't fall over as easily, and that these benefits could be gained without the use of genetic modification.

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