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Comment Re:Oh Boo hoo (Score 1) 284

"I'd trust Apple w/my money more than any bank on this planet..."

Wow! The KoolAid must be kickin in!

Why is my Apple browser spending so much time on my network connection to the point of slowing down my machine?
I'm pretty sure Apple is trying to climb as far up my butt as I will tolerate.
Using Itunes as an additional example, my conclusion is Trust Apple? no fuckin way!
I'll bet that BS over refusing to back door the evil Terrorist's phone was all hype to cover up the co-operation because it would ruin their image.
I'm not buying it.
Google either, I think they forgot the "do no evil" pledge. Their evil eye is tainted....
I blame Google for taking us down this path, they went over and beyond Apple and Apple is rushing to catch up and cash in.

Comment Re:Apple is beating banks. (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Banks charge those fees because they control the industry, it would cost us a lot more if the fee schedule was not proscribed by law.

Now because Apple wants their cut of the action banks are scrambling to protect their gravy train.
The banks want to make sure anything Apple gets is on top of what they charge.
They do not want to pay apple out of their share.

Comment Re:What crap. (Score 1) 284

This consumer does not want my phone (oh wait! It's not even my friggin phone) handling any financial transactions.

So especially because it is not my phone I am not going to give it access to my financial anything.

That is what credit cards are for.......

It should be my phone I paid all the taxes on it, I pay for the service it runs on, but it's not my phone.
I cant even get rid of the stupid high volume nanny, I damn sure am not going to give it access to my financials.

Comment Apple is beating banks. (Score 1) 284

Apple is beating banks to the same fees they charge merchants down the food chain.

The banks like their position calling the shots taking little risk and collecting huge fees,
now they are a little whiney because Apple is horning in on their corn!

We need more legislation to protect the banks interests and keep the bad apple from raising the stakes and costing consumers more in fees.....

Coming in 3 - 2 - 1

Comment This argument is all BS (Score 1) 199

The real issue is not being talked about.

The issue is service providers wanting to separately monetize something that is currently part of a package. This is just a strategy to increase profits from something they already provide.

I am not paying for partial access to the internet.

I thought is was bad enough when service providers quit hosting newsgroup servers.

Service providers expected profits to go through the roof with the expected increased volume of subscribers, the short sighted bean counters predictions of ginormous profits fell short as usual when demand for bandwidth outpaced the volume of new subscribers, rendering that 20 year old equipment obsolete.

So instead of going after the cause of the high band width usage they are going after the end user because it is easier and more profitable to extract a little from a lot of subscribers than it is to bill the Facebooks and Youtubes of the internet. Then while they are leaching all they can from the subscribers they will double dip by putting the squeeze on big traffic sites to pay up. More $ for less product, its the Corporate way "New and Improved".

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