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Comment Web page designers (Score 4, Insightful) 325

all show which side their bread is buttered on.

When the advertising content loads first and the page rebuilds/rearranges itself 6 or 8 times and finally the content you want to see becomes visible or stabilizes enough to click a link.

I think some of the pages are designed to do this on purpose.
You get a glimpse of the content you are looking for and click on a link just as the page rebuilds itself and the link has changed to an ad and the cash register rings on a click through.

Comment A 6 figure salary (Score 1) 594

Is what is needed in the bay area for a single income to support a family.
Actually 2 incomes are needed almost anywhere to support a family unless one is an upper level corporate income.
That whole single income concept is a fallacy for folks who believe the Cinderella story and play with Barbie's.

5000 people are not entitled to 6 figure salary's, nor will a union get them that salary, it will only raise the cost of building the cars and further enrich the union.
Rule one about unions, they take care of themselves first, then the workers who they are employed to represent.

That plant I'm pretty sure is located in the old Ford plant, and that location was chosen because all of the infrastructure was already in place.
If that was my plant I would shut it down if it tried to unionize, and move it to a more right minded state (not right leaning).

I have had 4 union membership experiences and all 4 screwed me, I can't imagine what it is like from the other side.
My sympathies lie with Mr Musk in this situation.

Comment Re:Communal car ownership won't happen (Score 1) 357

the cost of owning a car is not the issue.


New construction does not include adequate or sometimes even ANY parking spots.

The city of Portland has been headed this direction for some time, increasing population density and not supporting infrastructure, giving perks to developments near public transportation, and the latest is no supported parking needed for development near the city owned rentabike racks!

They have been stealing money from the gas tax moneys to make the roads narrower and add bike lanes, some streets even give bicycles the right of way.

I have never seen a cop site a bicyclist for any of their many traffic violations, they are given carte blanche

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