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Comment Re:There are less than 30 decent games... (Score 1) 151

Yeah, you look at current articles recommending VR games, the same 15-20 always come up. Other than those 15-20, most of the stuff on steam for VR is crap. Actually quite a lot of the stuff on steam is absolute crap anyway. There are a ton of games on there that appear to be written by some teenager who is in the process of teaching themselves how to program on unity, with stock purchased assets or stolen ones, and which will barely run at all. Valve doesn't seem to care about the quality of the product on their service, so it's up to you to develop a crap filter. So it should really come as no surprise at all that our crap filters filter out most of the VR offerings. We all own the good titles at the moment, and will no doubt buy new ones that prove to be good, as we learn about them.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 224

There are actually a decent number of titles on steam, although two or three that I very much like (Skyrim and Defense Grid come to mind) are not available. But I still haven't booted back to windows since early last year on my big fat desktop. And I have a Dell Precision that's going to end up being my main machine in the near future, that only has xubuntu on it. It works remarkably well and is nowhere near as obnoxious as Windows 10.

Comment Ooh, And How Do They Do That? (Score 1) 183

And how exactly does Windows crush steam? Microsoft's strategy appears to be to make the user's computer increasingly inconvenient to use, to the point where even non-technical users are starting to realize that their operating system choice is a problem. In the mean time, steam is adding more and more games for non-windows platform. The only game I'm currently missing, having not booted my computer back to windows for months, is the ability to play a native Linux version of Skyrim. Well, that and having to reboot my computer whenever Microsoft feels that I should be compelled to.

Comment Re:Weighing Options (Score 1) 313

I just weighed my options recently and opted for a Dell Precision with Linux preloaded. It's a beautiful little machine, a far cry from Dell laptops that I'd been issued at work in recent years, and all the hardware on the machine works flawlessly with Linux without the usual sorts of fuckery that I've had to resort to in the past when installing Linux on laptops.

Comment Re:It Is Impressive! (Score 0) 313

Last time I was really in to MacOS, the game scene wasn't really that great. It wasn't as bad as Linux in the '90's, but it wasn't great either. You could dual-boot your Mac over to Windows to play games, but then you had to live with a video card that was several years behind the Windows state of the art at the time.

Funnily, my linux box with Steam is a better gaming platform than my last Mac was. I still apparently have to jump through hoops to play something like World of Warcraft or Skyrim, but there are an ever-increasing number of indy titles and a lot of those are quite good.

If I could get WoW or Skyrim running effortlessly on my Linux box, Apple and Microsoft could both fuck right off.

Comment Re:NextLight Fiber (Score 1) 243

Aww yeah, same here. We stream a fair amount of video and the occasional steam download, so I suppose we could potentially butt up against a data cap at some inferior ISP. I'm sure going to hate it if I ever have to move back to a sluggish-ass 20MBPS connection!

Doing a video upload to youtube and having the upload complete before I can finish typing the description in the video is also pretty nice.

Comment Suuure, That's a Great Idea! (Score 1) 74

When the autonomous killbots show up on my doorstep, I'm sure they'll ask me if I ever donated to protect people from autonomous killbots, and I'll be all like "No! I welcome our robot overlords! It would be inefficient to waste your precious ammunition on me! Why not check with Mr. Hoffman, next door?"

Comment Mostly When Interviewing (Score 1) 218

Pretty much every place I've ever interviewed has asked about it, but their teams usually just use well-optimized library calls when they need to do something. I usually realize my biggest performance increases from optimizing IO and adjusting database indexes and queries. I recall a few years back I was writing some test code for some billing integration one of the other developers had written. He was using spring and hibernate, pulling in two separate tables and then joining them in memory. His code wasn't able to process more than about 30,000 records before his program crashed, and took neighborhood of half an hour to run. The little SQL join I wrote to test it could process a million records in 20-30 seconds. That's more the sort of problem that I usually encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 1) 192

I'm on a comparatively tiny 15" laptop screen that's 4K, and the difference between 4K and 1080p is astounding to me. It's significantly sharper, and I'm quite keen to upgrade to a large 4K screen on my desktop machine. Unfortunately, that would require upgrading the entire machine, which I don't want to pay for just yet, but I will at the first opportunity.

I've also started shooting my skydiving videos with a 4K GoPro, and even when viewing the videos at 1080, the difference is pretty amazing. You can actually see air traffic (Canopies, wingsuit guys, nearby planes, etc) that would not have been visible with the old GoPro. There have been several cases in the past where I'd be flying my wingsuit and spotted planes or tracking groups below me that didn't show up on the video with the old GoPro, and you can actually see the things that I saw on the jump with the new one.

Comment Re:This is what you get with low cost manufacturin (Score 1) 166

I remember when they used to talk that way about the smog in New York City and LA, back in the 70's. Nixon had just created the EPA and they were just ramping up to deal with that sort of thing. By the mid '80's, people had largely forgotten about that sort of thing in much of the USA. If you want to see what the USA would (will) look like without an EPA, go visit China.

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