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Comment Re:My Heart and my head (Score 1) 492

"prosecution for criminal acts" - is sending an animation a criminal act? TFA provides little in the way of detail regarding the animation. Is it something intentionally crafted to induce seizures in epilepsy sufferers? Is it something intentionally crafted for another purpose that has the peculiar side effect of inducing seizures in epilepsy sufferers? If the latter, does the fact that it was sent via Twitter (and apparently targeted) matter? Would it be better or worse for the epilepsy sufferer if the animation was displayed on a giant screen in Times Square?

Comment Re:Polls were wrong everywhere (Score 1) 286

The explanation for "local stuff" is simple. People were led to believe that the democrats' planned coronation would happen without pesky vote tabulations or anything getting in the way (kind of like in the primaries with the extremely unlikely coin tosses, etc.), so they voted for the opposition in every other race hoping to hold her majesty to account once she was installed.

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