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Comment Re:Let's go even further! (Score 1) 180

I guess this is sarcasm ... but anyway, this is so wrong. Yes, the common idea is that (in good-old companies) managers are older, hence more experimented, hence they tend to mentor juniors who definitely need that .. right ?

But it is far from being so simple. Some managers aren't that experienced, and in highly technical jobs, this hierarchy is counter-productive. Highly skilled people should stick to what they're the most efficient at : doing the real work that will make the company product so much better than the competition. Some company fail to understand that and move people "up" to their maximum level of inefficiency which is a very bad idea. That's basically why silicon valley company are doing so well compared to old traditional ones.

At this point, there can still be a need for guidance for juniors from the most experienced ones, but those may be their colleagues, not necessary their manager.

Comment Re:why can't taxis compete? (Score 1) 61

The Uber app may seem like a trivial app to make, but it isn't. Some taxi companies (or even country-wide) try to make their own, but they have to outsource the development to a company that won't make a great app, nor support it correctly, nor develop new features. So they'll always be 5 years behind Uber and Lyft.

Also, Uber is worldwide, so you don't have to install a specific local app (which you don't ever know the name) to get a taxi.

But in fact, taxis can as well use the Uber app. So why don't they use it ? Because there is a Taxi / Uber war and taxi drivers are not the best to have a long term vision in technology.

Finally, even if taxis did use the Uber app, in places where Taxi numbers are regulated (and usually way too low because Taxi companies have been lobbying to keep their monopolistic marker), you would see that ... there is no taxi coming in less than an hour. So Uber also works because it allows for more taxis.

I think people who don't understand why Uber is so good live in countries where Taxis are not too bad (I've seen a lot of taxis in South Korea for example, they are cheap and everyone use them). In countries where regulations are important, the balance shifted in favor of Taxis too much and the customer service dropped (because, why bother, people don't have the choice anyway). And that's backfiring at them today, pretty harshly.

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