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Comment Re:A Pyrrhic Victory (Score 1) 239

People don't have to hire a lawyer, it just is generally a good idea the same way it's a good idea to hire a contractor rather than renovate your home yourself.

The state does already pay someone "to carry out a complete and thorough adjudication of the issues". She is called the judge.

Your rant about crimes and corporations is extremely ill-considered, but I shall leave that for someone else to discuss. I'll just point out that fraud already is illegal pretty much everywhere.

Comment Re:Except... if sceptical... why not use KVM ?? (Score 1) 567

Well, for one thing you can't test two crucial often-buggy items in a VM:

1) Compositing window managers. Gnome shell runs only with compositing.

2) Grub on a real machine.

Also, you're not testing whether Ubuntu works with your hardware, but rather with the VM. Which, really, is the point of testing the new release.

Comment Re:BS: "tip of the iceberg" (Score 1) 549

Your average desktop user does not want to go, 'Oh, well, I'm running on Processor X, with distribution Y, patch Z. I guess that means I need /this/ tarball (or this subdirectory of the big tarball).

The average desktop user does not download tarballs and they do not apply patches manually.

They might occasionally download a package, but average users all use x86 so they just need to know their distro.

Comment Re:Report from the field: "Drivers very confused" (Score 1) 483

The added blue is for people with red-green colorblindness. Maybe it's a matter of degree. Or 90 degrees. Were the lights horizontal instead of vertical, by chance?

Off-topic, I lived in a city in the 1980s where some traffic lights were still on the side of the street instead of overhead. So many out of towners were running reds and wrecking the city had to put in the overheads.

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