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Comment Netflix can push back, we can't (Score 1) 212

And anyway, how useful is that subscription if you're living outside the US? Content providers have to wise up and realize this is now a global audience and you can't just target one nation anymore, we communicate on a global level and disjointed experiences don't work anymore. You want to talk to your friends about a video and if they can't see the same thing as you they're going to obtain it some other way and just keep getting frustrated with these antiquated policies

Comment Embarrassing (Score 1) 394

"they're voting for her because of Trump or voting for Trump because of her."

I'm embarrassed for my country that it has come to this. And yet people still won't vote for candidates other than these two clowns. At presidential debates we only see the clowns, none of the other candidates. Just ridiculous.

Comment Morphing (Score 1) 313

Increasing the text limit, adding videos and images, they've strayed from the original vision of mandatory quick updates and have introduced more time consuming/bandwidth-heavy elements that make it more like a traditional blog than just a series of status updates that can be rapidly consumed. Also adding verified accounts has created a disparity in the feature set that has created a different tier of users, perhaps adding an illusion of a schism in communication.

Comment Maybe (Score 5, Interesting) 84

When I'm around my kid I just don't use these things, including video game consoles or watching TV. Even if my kid is playing well enough by himself I've got stuff to do anyway like clean or make his meal, only time I really have to pay attention to anything personally for myself is nap time or when he's gone to bed, or off with mom just the two of them.

Even before he was born I found that going online for too long was causing me stress and I'm not sure for what, I mean, at one point I was just refreshing favorite sites, making comments, soaking up any news item or just following trends like memes etc. My wife got pissed off because she wasn't into that and demanded I make time for her, and it got to the point where I had to do that or something in the relationship was going to go real bad. So I just cut back, and found I had a lot more space in my head to think, be creative, and enjoy what I already had. It only took about a couple weeks before I didn't even remember what I was doing all that time. It seems like a waste now.

But then my wife got a smartphone and Facebook was a thing and suddenly the script has flipped! Now I really see why she was annoyed. :)

Comment Re:Microsoft... (Score 1) 292

Why isn't this rated troll? Honestly I love Linux and have no Windows boxes because I personally don't like their software but it doesn't automatically discount them from being useful somewhere. On any other site this would be considered a troll. Instead it's rated funny, but is very pandering and not really a nuanced joke in any way. Disappointed in Slashdot here.

Comment Bean counters have always existed (Score 1) 64

And their numbers have always been abstracted. The numbers "big data" has come from somewhere, studies, manual input, algorithms written by humans to turn analog input into digital output, all are prone to error, as they have been in the past. When all these numbers are compiled and they are presented in a particular context by an interested party, a human decision / consultation will probably ensue, also not infallible.

I don't really see what changes here...

Comment So many things wrong (Score 1) 96

NYC doesn't need to test facial recognition cameras, the companies that make the cameras should be responsible for testing them, and then certify them for NYC. Why is NYC doing QA for another company?

Why would NYC need facial recognition cameras ever?

Will data be retained or only statistics?

In TFA they offer no answers and aren't willing to share any plans with the public, which is very damning after publicly announcing they will be spending a ton of taxpayer money installing these at bridges and tunnels. Only at the bottom are we offered the clue that Gov. Cuomo is basically chasing the bogeyman with the taxpayer's money: “In this age of terrorist activity and lone wolves, if you look at points of vulnerability you’ll go to our tunnels and to our bridges. So really they have to be reimagined for a new reality,”

  One recalls the song Riot by Wyclef Jean featuring Serj Tankian of System of a Down: "From the train to the plane, security check, From the bridge to the tunnel, security check"

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