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Comment Going to be interesting to watch the RC hobbyists (Score 2) 63

Lots of RC models use the 5.8ghz spectrum as their video transmitter band. Technically most of the power limits are 25mw, but that power output severely restricts range and is highly effected by objects such as trees. As a result people often run switchable transmitters that are 25/200/600mw and sometimes higher.

It's one thing to momentarily effect a localised wifi network. Another thing entirely if you are taking out someones phone calls.

Comment Re:Surprising (Score 1) 243

True if you are replacing an existing level crossing with a bridge structure. I was more imagining a new road and new bridge crossing.

Once you are dealing with legacy installs it is terrible.

We clearly have a difference structure for bridge management to you though. Roads are broken into 3 levels. Federal, state and council. All roads and bridges will fall into one of those 3 categories and will be their responsibility for maintenance. Also per perspective the annual budget for my local council is $2.6billion per annum

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 52

I dunno I use the auto CC all the time. Some of the guesses are terrible but normally seems to have the biggest issues around random nouns. So assuming that I know what the topic of the video is I can use the CC, I just have to substitute the proper noun at the right time.

I tend to use it when watching a technical video with a single talker and I don't actually want the sound on for what ever reason.

Comment Re:Surprising (Score 1) 243

Why the hell is your maintenance cost so high?!?!?! A stabilised earth embankment with suitable drainage will last ages. If you are having to retain it you have done it wrong. The whole idea of an earth ramp is that it has settled to its natural angle of repose. Planting some grasses and initial covering with a geo-membrane is all you need to do.

Maintenance of the bridge is going to be tiny. You would have regular yearly inspections checking for concrete cancers and cracking but thats about it.

Maintenance of a level crossing on the other hand is continuous. The bituminous surface will spread under the loads of cars and trucks, this will push the surface closer and closer to the rail. This has to be continuously cut back otherwise bad things happen. The rail cutting also acts as a water channel causing the sealed surface to break up.

As for the lawsuits that is never something you can control for.

Comment Re:Surprising (Score 3, Insightful) 243

Not really. You probably don't even notice the vast majority of the ones you drive over. Every small water course will be crossed by a small pre-stressed concrete bridge. Installation costs on those are tiny, they last for ages and the engineering component of them is minimal. Generally when people say bridge they imagine the large span ones, where as the huge majority are tiny tiny things.

Construction wise pushing 2 piles of dirt each side of railway line, waiting 12 months for it to settle and harden and then sticking a 6m concrete span across is a very cheap. very easy way of crossing the rail line. It is marginal on cost on a controlled crossing and heaps more efficient and safer.

Comment Re:Hate to admit it, Trump got this one right. (Score 1) 457

I was agreeing with you on the state if your dams. Even if all were 100 year life spans they are coming due.

Also, purely for interest sake, the construction design standards that the US works to aren't high enough for most other developed countries. This is particularly true for concrete span bridges. And a big part of that is life span of the structures.

Some structures in the US though are designed to last way way longer. Hoover dam is a great example. Its life expectancy would far exceed 100 years.

Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

Working in LH drive.

Delivery truck has 2 stops. One to the right which is close, 1 to the left that is further away. Default human behaviour is to turn right to the closer 1 first. UPS system gets you to go left first and then come back for the right. The time saved by not turning right across the traffic is greater than the time lost by going further.

Comment Re:That's a bold move, cotton. (Score 1) 143

Agreed completely. I have an LG G4 which you can add wireless charging to for a $5 sticker that goes inside the back of the case. I use a wireless pad on my desk to keep my phone topped up during the day.

My Comment was referring to this part of the OP's comment "Wireless charging is the next step toward eliminating the charging port. I've been using wireless charging for about 4 years now and I've only ever plugged in to upload music. I'd guess most people don't even do that."

Comment Re:That's a bold move, cotton. (Score 1) 143

I take it you don't play many games on your phone?

Some of the games will eat an iPhones battery in 3 hours. So if you sit down of an evening after a full days work then you may only have 30 minutes of play time on the phone. So people plug in. You can't do that with wireless charging.

Think about how many millions of those battery packs have been sold. That is so people can charge on the move.

Comment Re:What? Is it just me (Score 1) 105

In the UK selling the Kodi boxes preloaded with software to access pirate streams is illegal. It's a stupid rule, but basically if you sell something for the purpose of pirating then you are committing a crime.

If you sold the same box with vanilla Kodi and none of the pirate steam plugins you're fine.

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