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Comment For the Professors as well: (Score 1) 178

I once had a grad level quantum mechanics class taught by a prof who I found to be a nice guy, but was quite poor at teaching. The class was at 8 am.

2 semesters later, I had him again for a more advanced QM class. This was at 5 pm. I could hardly believe he was the same teacher. He was good. The problem had been that he was an extreme night owl (as I was) and he just couldn't get woke up enough that early to be coherent.

I later mentioned it to the department chair and he said, "Oh yeah. When we want to punish Kevin, we give him an 8 am class." I retorted that he was punishing us (grad students) far more.

Comment Re:Whadda think, Bruce Perens? (Score 2) 195

The heck with that. Have him estimate the likelihood of me winning the lottery I didn't buy tickets for.

Yeah, Sofia Vergara showing up in my bedroom would be nice, but the likelihood of anything more happening than her channeling the Talking Heads and saying "This is not my beautiful house!" and walking out is less than the above.

Comment The Obvious Conclusion: (Score 4, Funny) 269

Those b-tard trolls on 4chan have always been tools of Putin and the Russian government, and they are trying to tilt the election!

Let's investigate the history of finance links between Moot and the Russians. Has he ever attended FSB (He's not old enough for KGB) training? ;) (for the blindly humor impaired)

Comment This is hysterical: (Score 1) 310

So, let me get this straight:

Youtube is a company that makes large amounts of money off of people uploading pirated content. It then puts up a cumbersome problem plagued automatic system to "address" copyrighted content problems, but in reality has such a big legal budget that most organizations wouldn't want to go up against it in court.

And now, the MPAA etc are up; in arms over sites that help users "pirate" this pirated content.

I know there is no shame, but that's a pretty big elephant standing in this coat closet.

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