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Comment Mercenaries aren't new (Score 1) 74

Using mercenaries is not a new thing for the US military, especially in "non-combat" roles. Generally they prefer ones that previously had US military service. Dollars to donuts the drone pilots this company has are all ex-military, who mustered out and are now looking at doing their same job for twice the pay with half the oversight.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 294

Commercial speech and private speech have always been separate. As a citizen I can broadcast Chinese propaganda all I want, or pay others to do it, as a long as it's on my dime. That's my speech. However, when I take money from the Chinese to broadcast their content, I'm not protected by private speech laws. That's the government of China's speech, and they aren't guaranteed jack shit under the constitution.

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 2) 480

So you only have one coworker you can count on? Maybe if your company decides to keep a bunch of slackers and fuckoffs in the organization you should consider going somewhere with better management, rather than patting yourself on the back about how much better you are than said slackers.

Comment Re:Why is Uber better? Serious question. (Score 1) 230

Anecdote time!

I live in the DC area. So about a month back, my parents were visiting. we went to a restaurant that was not terribly near to either our home or their hotel. As the weekend metro was being the weekend metro, we decided to cab back to our respective locations. I called an Uber for them since I figured it would be easiest. Since you can only dispatch one Uber per account, me and my wife had to take a cab. Looking at the difference between those two rides is why I stopped taking cabs.

My parents uber arrived promptly, it was clean and comfortable. It took them to their destination quickly, and the pricing was transparent and conveniently billed to my card.

When my wife and I finally hailed a cab, it was dirty, and the air conditioning was broken (It was about 90 F) The front seat had been pushed back as far as possible, and was in fact kind of bowed. The driver attempted to take some odd circuitous route back to our home until I asked him to take a more direct route. When we got there he tried to get us to pay cash.

This was an extreme example, but it made me think of all the other negative experiences I'd had with cabs in the city, they have been on the whole uncomfortable, inconsistent, dirty, poorly maintained, and discourteous (including drivers that pulled away as soon as they heard where I was going). At that point I realized that Uber was a better option. The worst Uber experience I've had so far was one that smelled slightly strange. For my area, it really is no contest, Uber is just better than the cabs.

Comment Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 940

They are placing them in a different market, one that is becoming oversaturated, and in fact are having trouble renting them Investors are speculating on luxury apartments in a way that is exceeding demand. In the end you can come to some kind of equilibrium, where they are renting luxury apartments for very low returns to people who are paying far more rent than they would choose to if there was a better alternative available, but by that point you've already blown through the capital (and land) that could have been used to create what was actually needed.

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