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Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 1) 222

I have this too (in France, with Credit Cooperatif). The 'small card reader" is in fact enormous (worth 10 cards piled up, plus larger and longer).
With another french bank (the post office), we receive an SMS with a code one must enter on their site to validate the transaction. Weightless... as long as you have a phone (granted, this is very often).
But the rolling number on the card itself is definitely lighter.

Comment I'll believe this when the South pole is colonized (Score 1) 474

You are perfectly right, sir.
At the pole there is air, and fishes, and penguins to eat. Life must be terrifyingly hard, but you still have the essentials.
And still nobody wants to settle there.
Indeed, when there'll be no room left at the poles, then maybe the next worst place will be Mars.
Now, before that, a billionaire can definitely play with sillies, even killing them legally...

Comment How does this compare to Librem computers? (Score 1) 234

I must say I am a bit naive on these questions, being over 50 now. I always used macs or small linux laptops, and while currently on mac I definitely would like to switch.
Such a switch is something costly to me, and I don't want to fail. I use to choose rather recent hardware and then keep it for years.
I won't invest before a couple of months.
My motivation is definitely independence from walled gardens, but still needing some efficiency (to take an example, it'll be Darktable or Rawtherapee rather than the Gimp, and I'm very sensitive to the fact these are quite slow on my macbook pro).

At this moment I am hesitating between Dell 'perfect adequation to linux drivers' and Librem 'extending privacy down to hardware'.

But what I need is a more precise comparison: do you think one is clearly more efficient than the other, being on processing power, screen or privacy?

Recent stories like the one on that 'USB dongle that gets your admin credentials in 20s' turned me a bit sceptical on the hardware level. -but this may as well be a reason to be more careful with it?


Comment Direct Democracy is the weakest form... (Score 1) 634

When a politician resorts to calling for a referendum, it's very exactly admitting s/he cannot take the issue in charge.
Elected people are supposed to be most responsible persons, carefully selected to take in charge unexpected problems to come -not jupt people that'll call referendums for any new problem.
Otherwise we can as well replace them with automated polling machines.

I for one am not at all for direct democracy, in which obviously the majority of voter do not know all consequences.

Ideally we should vote for people we really are confident in, whose curriculum among others should be convincing -but there are fewer and fewer such, perhaps because of the way political parties work, perhaps because of the way media raise our attention (only to the most shocking out of them, etc.)

Direct democracy elects Hitlers.

This, said by a French citizen, whose country's referendum directly voted against the European Constitution, a mark I'll keep till my death.

Comment Luddites? (Score 4, Interesting) 1052

(...) I'm pretty certain that there would be very negative consequences for society overall if the population is left to starve because of increasing automation.

I'm definitly not accurate on History things, but at some point in the past there was an event in Britain's history called the Luddite's revolution, featuring a (finally failed) anti-machinism attempt...

Maybe we could gain something by looking at what happened at the time, although I fear the relative dimension of the event was different from now (a much smaller population among others)

Comment Simulation, Multiverses, Panspermism = faiths (Score 2, Insightful) 951

Like the idea of Multiverses (you know, this thing when everytime you make a decision, the whole Universe duplicates in two branches, and in the other branch you made the alternate choice), like the theory of Panspermism (life never born around here but brought by some intergalactic comets from unreachable places), we face here a nice theory that completely eliminates the risk of being tested.

In other words, it is not a scientific proposal : it's a faith that is proposed to you.
And a low-grade one at that. The Matrix movie did much better.

We'll soon have enough such topics to start a dictionary, whose first historical chapter would address Angel's sex debates in the Middle Ages.

My concern is, that historical chapter probably will relate the Angel's thing to the time and place where the quarrel happened -the famous city of Byzantia, just when it was about to be destroyed.

History tells us that when a society's intelligence falls this low, its end is very near.

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