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Comment Re:So.... (Score 3, Informative) 171

Yes. If I recall, the point of the Surface was to kick other manufacturers in the butt so they'll start making quality and innovative hardware. If you recall, at the time, most manufacturers were only pumping out bargain basement Windows 7 machines that were barely qualified to toss into the scrap heap.

Comment Re:Physical discs still have a place (Score 1) 157

*shrug* I haven't pirated since I got a job. Also, I never said that's the only thing I will buy, just that I'm far less willing to accept the quality of streaming on a movie that demands more from a display or audio device. I mean, I still bought Sully on Blu-Ray and that isn't exactly taxing.

Comment Re:Physical discs still have a place (Score 1) 157

This is exactly my sentiment. I'll happily watch something like "Why Him?" or "Sausage Party" via streaming, but movies like "Star Wars Ep. 7," "Fury," or "The Hobbit(s)," It's Blu Ray or bust. You don't even need an expensive setup to notice the difference in quality. Even with my old mid-range 1080p set and low-end 5.1 component system it was noticeable.

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