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Comment Re:Color temperature, meh (Score 1) 298

Skipping over the notchy nature of the bulbs _isn't_ helping. Different ways of making white light are _different_. Particularly when looking at colored images, the colors can be distorted. Insisting the first order approximation is all there is to it, isn't helpful.

GP should trust his eyes. The color controllable 6 (5? not sure what they're up to) pigment 'White' bulbs cost a fortune, but compare their light at any temperature setting to a cheapy (with the same label temp).

Still not smooth like true black body (incandescent). Photographers know. Between notchy LED bulbs, notchy receptors and interesting pigments you can make photographs that look like a glue sniffers nightmare.

Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 298

I love my polyurethane. But they aren't for everyone and they don't last forever. Life is actually shorter than stock, the ride is much better IMHO. Some people like mush...different bores and strokes for different folks. In a cab, some people would claim the car's ride was 'harsh'.

Learned the hard way last time: Before you start bushings, see if you can't get tubular members with polyurethane bushings from China, for $20 more than ES bushings. Bushings are a bitch of a job, even with a hydraulic press. You'll need some steel stock, a band saw and welder to make a custom drift before you are done. The welder will come in handy if you want to touch up/gusset the Chinese welds. They're mostly good, especially compared to stamped stock parts.

Comment Re: Exactly Backwards (Score 1) 298

The devil is in the details, especially in CA. Every place I've ever worked, can say I downloaded a ton of stuff. Just on work done at home, reading for the excremeditation chamber etc. Less so with more common terminal servers lately.

Unless the guy that founded Otto had a valid CA non-compete with Google (which is saying a lot, big cheese with separate corporate entity), what was in his head was his. Retroactive 'trade secrets', with no paperwork or information security, don't go very far in court.

I still think 90% of work on truly automated cars is for the publicity, advertisement for stocks. Same as quad copter deliveries. The people in these fields know they will end with automated highway driving and, more or less, nothing, respectively. But why fuck with a gravy train while it's flowing?

Disclosure: I see advertising for stocks disguised as advertising for products lots of places and have for a long time. Did anybody, ever, buy a 'Nortel Network' on the strength of their TV spots? I bet somebody bought the stock (funny how IT decision makers apparently watch a lot of golf). I thought advertising stocks was against exchange and SEC rules? At very least required a big ol disclosure and a broker's licence. Anyhow: conspiracy theory disclosed.

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