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Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 264

U lock != padlock.

A U lock is a big old U that goes through the wheel and frame. Even if strong a padlock leaves the chain as an obvious weakness.

Padlocks are jokes. Boltcutters are the appropriate tool for them. (I remember the first criminal kid on my block that got a set of bolt cutters, for about 3 months it was better to not put padlocks on anything, as they attracted Kenny. Then he cut the padlock off a railroad switch and derailed a freight train into the little blue river, then bragged about it...We didn't see him for a while, he was real lucky he didn't kill anyone.)

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 264

Because the level of effort the police will put into finding the person who 'assaulted' a bike thief will be epic?

Even if the cops saw you do it, they wouldn't do a thing. If it's just the dirtbags word, they will fill out a report for him, just like they do for you if your bike is stolen. No effort will be made.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 264

Search youtube for Taser, trap, bike theft.

Taser in the seat, Burner phone to trigger. Leave it near dirtbags, backoff and wait for the fun to start.

Most of the scumbags piss themselves when the taser triggers. Taser to the boys has to hurt. Labia wouldn't be better.

I'd likely add a boot to the face while recovering the bike, but that's me.

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