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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

This accusation is only effective against people who aren't anti-Jewish in the first place. It's intended to guilt-trip kind people who've aligned themselves with a group you oppose. Their hearts are their weakness, so accusing them of being Nazis can be pretty effective.

I think the fact that you see nothing wrong with defending a Jewish ethno-state particularly telling. Your idea of a one state solution probably involves busing all the Palestinians out to Jordan, because if they were to become full citizens, Israel will nolonger be a Jewish state.

Comment Re:Why is Default Not an Option? (Score 2) 490

I knew a friend of a friend, a girl, who had recently left school with a useless degree. She had gone in default on her student loans, and I was trying to tell her that the whole thing was avoidable, and that there still were things she could do to deal with that, repair her credit, and avoid wage garnishment. She insisted on being hopeless, deciding that she'd join the military on some hope or prayer that it would forgive her debt.

Though you're not able declare bankruptcy, there's still things you can do if you can't pay back your student loans. Something I use to help is called Income Based Repayment. With that alone you basically have no excuse to let things get that bad, and if you pay it consistently, your debt is forgiven in 20 years - less if you work in education.

Comment Re:I'll never vote over the net (Score 1) 117

Our Constitutional Republic is considered a form of Democracy. A Direct Democracy is also a form of Democracy. The fact that a Constitutional Republic isn't a Direct Democracy does not mean it's not a Democracy at all.

I think the people that make the fallacious point that we're not a Democracy do so in response to people complaining about their government not representing the will of the people. It's a statement in defense of a representative system clearly failing to represent, and a rejection of the idea that the government should only operate with the Consent of the Governed. Wikipedia contrasts this with the Divine Right of Kings, which unfortunately is how some of our leaders prefer to operate.

Comment Re:Prepare for deluge of stupid (Score 1) 481

I'm betting the Slashdot readership is older... and that it has more engineers than Ars. I'm not completely sure, but engineers are supposed to be more conservative than scientists and artists, and I figure a forum full of grey haired engineers would be pretty conservative. I mean, you have some really low ID numbered folks with decades of experience and six figure incomes denying it here.

They're not stupid people... it's just a reality that science has to be politically acceptable in order to be accepted at all. So long as conservatism exists, it'll be debated. So long as it's debated on political merits, there will always be some doubts from 1/2 of the total population. And so long as that is true, we'll be too divided to take any meaningful action on it when we still can.

Comment Re:Some Playstation VR titles... (Score 1) 399

VR controllers have buttons too, some software can recognize gestures, but using them is entirely up to the developer (and by extension, the consumer). You don't even really need the special controllers to enjoy many VR games, even complicated games like Elite Dangerous work just fine with a simple Xbox 360/1 controller.

Since you mentioned Mario, look up Lucky's Tale. It is a 3rd person VR platforming game with the same play mechanics of Mario 64. It's really something to actually be in that kind of environment. I would definitely put a genuine VR experience several notches over something like 3D TV. Not even Google Cardboard comes close.

Go to your local Best Buy if you have them. They are running Oculus demos these days. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

Comment Re:But VR's still cool, right? RIGHT???? (Score 1) 399

You don't have to develop special motor skills to grab stuff. It's not 1994. The new controllers are intuitive, especially the Touch controllers from Oculus. If you can pick up a can and walk around in reality without stumbling, you can play a VR game. You don't even need two eyes - real-time head tracking (positional, not just rotational), is in my opinion, the real key to VR.

Also... room-scale, even the new controllers, is all completely optional. I don't actually have Touch controllers or a second sensor yet. But have faith in this hardware because I've worked with it before. Before my current job, I worked with the CAVE at my university. A CAVE is basically a roomscale VR setup for wealthy university computer science programs.

As for my computer - it wasn't just for that. it also serves as my workstation away from work - my job involves working with very very large 3D building models, point clouds, etc. In my spare time, I do some creative modeling, rendering, and programming.

But back to VR... it isn't just good for games, it's also good for business. The company I work for is procuring another Oculus headset just for me to use, which will allow for prospective clients to fly about and interact with their building before it's built, hopefully increasing the chance they will select us to build it. Before you say that's crazy - it's a genuine application. I know it because I've done it. It's why I have this job to begin with.

As for your last comment, Mr Anonymous, 3D is kind of my jam... without which, I'd truly be joyless. Not much can be done about the anti-social bit though... you've got me there. I can put on a good face and interact like a normal human being - but at the end of the day, I like being alone. You can look down on me if you want. Just know that while you're out there being a social flower and spending all your money, I'm probably working.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1560

I wish I had the guts to tell this kind of thing to people's face.

Instead, I've perfected the art of biting my own tongue for the sake of peace. But I seek solace in the fact that it doesn't matter, you can't change other people's fundamental belief structure. If they're backwards cultural apologists, or backwards themselves, that's just who they are. Instead, I think what we should be doing is motivating our own people to vote - not just every 4 years, but in midterms and off-year elections too.

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