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Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1145

There is one, serious, flaw in your otherwise insightful opinion.
You make the incorrect assumption that if UBI were to function properly, the other agencies would shut down.

This is not the case, never has been, and never will be. Any gov't agency, once created, will find a way to continue to exist, simply to keep people employed. I work in the gov't sector and unless you have been in it, you would not believe how much waste there is, and *no one* will do anything about it. In point of fact, there's even an incentive *not* to do anything about it.
So you get the 3 trillion (or so) for UBI, but the gov't welfare dept doesn't shut down just because another agency is doing their job. They'll (or more accurately the people who want it be funded and in business) find excuses to keep it going.

So now you have the 3T for UBI, plus the prior existing overhead and the budget can't support both.

Comment Remember the Ford Pinto? (Score 3, Interesting) 443

Ford execs decided it was cheaper to let people burn, and pay the cost in court, than it was to fix the issue.

The memo cost them a lot of goodwill, but they are still around.

MS is probably looking that memo over right now thinking the same thing.
Cost to pay pissed off citizens is cheaper than fixing Win10, so....

Comment Re:Car Anology (Score 1) 129

When Windows 10 first was released to the public (via the automatic updates fiasco) I put it on an older laptop to see how it handled older hardware. The laptop had a synaptic-powered touchpad. It would BSoD on a regular basis if I used the touchpad. Yes, it was a bad driver from Synaptic and MS did update the driver, but the point still stands.

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