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Comment Re:Did renewables replace any carbon based plants? (Score 1) 279

2. Renewable's storage requirements to meet base load demand simply do not exist - presumably because storage costs are also very high.

I wouldn't worry about that because the perfectly inelastic portion of base load demand is quite low and therefore requires very little energy storage.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 4, Interesting) 157

The distinction between residential and commercial establishment has been a staple for a long time, and it has a lot of value...

...for middle- and upper-class neighborhoods, but not for the inner-city neighborhoods that subsidize them. That's right, single-use zoning is a form of reverse welfare that subsidizes the middle- and upper-classes at the expense of the poor.

Also, what's the value in prohibiting someone from building an apartment building next door to a factory? You'd think it would be good to bring jobs to a city without bringing traffic.

In Japan by contrast, they do things a little smarter than the USA's clumsy approach to zoning. Instead of single-use zoning, they allow anything of a lesser nuisance than the area is zoned for. A grocery store is less of a nuisance than a factory, so they allow grocery stores in industrial zones. An apartment building is less of a nuisance than a grocery store, so they allow apartment buildings in commercial zones. And a single-family house is less of a nuisance than an apartment building, so single-family houses are allowed in multifamily residential zones, but not the reverse.

If every neighborhood in a city had to become self-sufficient in city spending versus property tax revenue, you can be sure that people living in middle-class, single-family residential zones suddenly faced with massive property tax bills would do everything in their power to attract bed-and-breakfasts, corner stores, and the other tax-efficient amenities that existed in our neighborhoods until we legislated our freedoms away in the aftermath of WWII.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Secure methods for baby monitoring

Szeraax writes: Big time nerd, first time father (well, first and second since I just had twins!). Ideally, I can track temperature and heart rate of my new family members without causing a security nightmare on my home network. I see lots of arm bands from China that claim security, but even their documentation pictures are pure chinese screen shots. That makes me immediately leary of the device. I can use a private WLAN on my router for the devices if needed. I can connect via bluetooth on phone or computer. Is my best bet to check vitals manually and plot results in LibreOffice calc? Are there monitoring devices that totally avoid the cloud rush of today? Should I just not even waste my time with the data?

Slashdot, what advice do you have for me?

Comment Re:Short summary (Score 2) 269

they are orders of magnitude less dangerous than the assholes you already see on the road every day! Like the moron I saw trying to ride his bicycle down I-5 in downtown Portland during rush hour the other day...

I would say the same thing if I were envious of the bicyclist passing all that stopped traffic! Like that scene from Office Space.

But really, what's so dangerous about bicycling past a bunch of stopped cars? As long as the person isn't riding in the door zone..

Comment Re:Well, there goes the 4th Amendment again... (Score 2) 204

In this situation, there was enough suspicion for probable cause to confiscate the cards.

Because (1) there was someone in the car with an outstanding warrant, or because (2) they tried to hide the bag, or because (3) the bag contained a lot of gift cards, or because (4) some of the cards had been re-encoded?

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 904

The bigger problem with this article though is that it really doesn't belong here. This is not a technology issue, or even a science issue.

Post-money societies are the stuff of science fiction. This makes UBI an appropriate topic for discussion on Slashdot.

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

Maybe in your ghetto Democrat run shit holes in LA and NY but the rest of the country is merrily enjoying the greatest infrastructure man kind has ever created.

Yes, because CA and NY and other Democrat-run states give financial assistance to conservative states instead of fixing their own infrastructure. Google "red state socialism" and learn how conservatives are this generation's biggest welfare recipients.

Even within a city, the poor but tax-efficient neighborhoods heavily subsidize middle- and upper-class sprawling neighborhoods that pay less in taxes per acre and cost more in infrastructure per capita--and this kind of reverse welfare is just how modern conservatives like it.

And Democrats are stupid for allowing Republicans to get away with it.

Comment An innovative solution to a modern problem (Score 1) 68

Drive up grocery stores are an innovative solution to a modern problem: that one cannot legally open a regular grocery store without building a formula-derived number of parking spaces, even when it isn't cost effective to build them. Where land is cheap, this isn't a problem, but in expensive areas, established grocery stores will have trouble competing with Amazon. We've all but over-regulated bookstores out of business, and it looks like the grocery store will be next to be crushed under the boot of our unique brand of Socialism.

Submission + - Socks the Cat is being Kickstarted for a release to the SNES (

An anonymous reader writes: Socks the Cat was one of the most anticipated SNES games of the 90s which never ended up being released. Due to the fact that the development company went bankrupt before the game could reach production, this game disappeared and, until a few years ago, had no hope of ever being released in any form.

The folks at Second Dimension have found the full copy that was completed, but never released, cleaned up a few bugs and secured the license. Once Kickstarted, this cart will finally see the release it has deserved.

NOTE: I do not work for Second Dimension but I do recall the hype about the game back in the 90's. I support this project strictly as a fan and not as a company insider.

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