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Comment privacy concerns are tos fudder (Score 1) 74

all successful, quality, conferencing apps use a client server approach with muxing of streams taking place on the server itself allowing you to reserve maximum bandwidth for voice quality

the architecture of the platform isnt the privacy concern, the tos are

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

not quite, think of it more simply as atheists do not believe there is a god.

like, we are the default state of being, before you start shovelling layers on us, one of which is a belief layer.

i don't walk around believing there is no god, in as much as i dont walk around believing that i am not a millionaire. i am simply not a millionaire and i reject the notion of a god to believe in

consider a new born baby with no education on religion, does he believe in a god? does he believe there are no gods or is he simply unaware and not involved in this bullshit?

Comment fucking wankers (Score 1) 822

A well-known example: in 2009, a study found that Utah had the highest rate of online porn subscriptions of any state in the US. Latter-day Saints, who form a majority of Utahâ(TM)s population, profess a belief in avoiding pornography.

Can't they just let it go and get over themselves?

Comment reptile brain vs mammalian brain (Score 1) 786

Lack of empathy isn't just the fault of autism, it's also due to the nature of the business.

When I'm coding I'm in a creative, but heavily logical space. My brain is just crunching paths, 1s and 0s and firmly sat on the reptile side of the fence. If I want to go out and socialise with people and relax the mammalian, emotional, side will need some warming up, especially after 9 hours of heavy logical, reptile thinking.

This is the nature of normal people's brains, male or female.

To have someone firmly using the logical side of their brain and then expect them to be immediately empathic is just not going to work, regardless of gender and focus.

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