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Comment Re:U.S. profits too??? (Score 1) 169

You get credit for taxes paid to other countries for income earned in said countries. In the realm of middle class wages this means an extra bit of paperwork

Unfortunately, that "extra bit of paperwork" can prove to be somewhere between "quite a bit" and "impossible to do it correctly without expensive professional help".

First, it is not easy to find professional help with US taxes outside the US. The people who provide such services usually do so for corporations and affluent individuals and price their services accordingly. In the real of middle class wages, that means you're going to pay a significant part of your income if you need such help.

Second, the taxation treaties that are meant to prevent double taxation are worded in a way that makes them hard (up to impossible) to understand for someone without legal training.

Third, taxation can have quite a few quirks, for example how securities and their earnings are taxed (I believe the US taxes 'virtual' profits, while other countries may tax realized profits - and the financial institutions there only provide a report of those. Good luck figuring out the figures you need to report to the IRS.)

If you're a US citizen living abroad, make $15k (fifteen k) per year *and* have to file US taxes, you have two choices - do the paperwork yourself (no chance to get it right) and hope for the best, or pay a significant chunk of your meagre income to a professional, if you can find one.

Then move to a nice tax free area of the world and mail the IRS a photocopy of your middle finger every april? Sounds fair.

That's pretty much how the world does it (except for the "mail something to the tax authorities" part - if you're not a resident, you don't have to mail anything to the tax authorities, because you're not liable to pay any taxes), with the exception of two countries, one of them being some third-world place that most people won't find on a map.

Comment Re:U.S. profits too??? (Score 2) 169

Then why do US citizens have to pay taxes to the USA no matter where in the world you live?

It's not just citizens, but also anyone with a permanent residence permit (Green Card).

The US is one of two countries that does that, the other one is some third world country that most people will struggle to name or find on a map.

And why? I believe it has to do with the US civil war. It's long over, of course, but the laws stuck around.

Comment Re:Could be worse (Score 1) 626

Why would CBP care if you paid duty in Ireland or not?

That wasn't the purpose of the question. They wanted to know whether those bottles were bought from a shop and therefore contain what's on the label, or whether they were not bought at the duty free shop and therefore could have been refilled with something that provides a little more kick.

Comment Re:Python (Score 1) 312

Dead easy, powerful, interactive, fun.

However, it hides many of the basic but elementary constructs from the user. You may not want to write your fourteenth sorting algorithm, but for someone who's just starting, making bubble sort work is a learning experience.

I'm still looking for a better beginners ('kids') programming language, that still uses basic control structures (if/then/else, loops, etc) and has some graphics functionality (primitives like lines, boxes, circles) ready to use. Python either requires extra modules or dealing with tkinter for the latter.

Comment Sorry, but "creative use" of any feature ... (Score 2) 600

Sorry, but "creative use" of any feature of a programming language might impress your geek buddies, but it will also make your code utterly hard to comprehend and maintain for anyone - including yourself - in a matter of a few months.

(And I'm not saying 'goto' is a bad thing. Using it to uncreatively break out of multiple nested loops or do error handling is easier to understand than the alternative. Also, in about every programming language, there are pretty much always several ways to achieve a certain behavior. The one that is easiest to understand should be chosen unless there are pressing reasons for one of the other ways.)

Disregard my rant about maintainability if you code one-shot things that no one - including you - will look at again once you're done.

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