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Comment Re:Non Issue (Score 3, Informative) 261

Wow, people still posts these replies? Because, if there is ONE thing windows is known for over the years, it is a complete guarantee of consistency. That what happens on one machine happens on millions of others.

As a counterpoint, my work machine would reset html and pdf file associations back to edge on a weekly basis. Had to edit the registry to get rid of the behaviour.

Comment photo vs. webpage, really /.? (Score 1) 766

Really, someone on /. does not understand why a jpg image stored on a local drive loads 'instantly' vs. a collection of scripts and code that needs to be "compiled" before displaying.

I'm not expecting everyone to be a rocket scientist on here, but come on, think about the difference between the two for even a minute.

Comment Re:pay to play (Score 5, Insightful) 820

You're willfully missing the point.

Clinton is questionable as hell, and that is why she wasn't elected.

Trump promised (or technically implied so, maybe there is a literal swamp he'll be draining somewhere) to clean things up. Now, he is putting people into government that were throwing money at him. Sure, they're a transition team and all that, but so much for a clean break. Screaming Clinton this, Clinton that doesn't make Trumps hypocrisy any better.

Comment How are the Rep's different? (Score 2, Insightful) 488

How would a Republican president, even Trump, be different in curtailing "More global interventionist policies, larger and more intrusive government, and a supreme court that will rubber stamp all of it."

What has Bush Jr. (the last Rep. prez) , or the republican congress done in the last, say 16 years, done to stop or slow any of these things?

Comment Only took 10 years (Score 1) 173

9.5-ish or so, but makes for a more dramatic headline.

Google is doing it's best to piss off it's android partners lately, which can't be good for the long-term viability. Yeah, they all deserve to be slapped for the half-assed job they do supporting their phones, but Google knew that full well going in.

Comment Samsung needs to get some better laywers (Score 1) 219

It took 20 days from the mod being released (Oct. 1st), and maybe two or so weeks since it got some attention and started appearing in videos for these guys to issue the take down. And, not even going after the mod itself (I think), but only a video of it. That's some grade A lawyering we got here.

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