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Comment Samsung needs to get some better laywers (Score 1) 214

It took 20 days from the mod being released (Oct. 1st), and maybe two or so weeks since it got some attention and started appearing in videos for these guys to issue the take down. And, not even going after the mod itself (I think), but only a video of it. That's some grade A lawyering we got here.

Comment Senator outsources replies (Score 1) 813

It's as if the good Senator outsourced (or at least automated) her replies. Though I am surprised she hasn't needed to create a standard form letter specifically to IT outsourcing, it seems to happen frequently enough.

If it isn't outsourced or fully automated it's some poor intern going through hundreds of these emails each day.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 129

Or, maybe it's not feasible yet. One is lucky to get a couple days of battery life out of the current batch of smart watches, the ones that are just remote controls. Enabling GPS cuts this down to hours. Adding a full fledged cell service that would be on all the time just isn't feasible yet*.

*I think one of the Samsung watches can make/receive calls, no idea about its battery life, or overall usefulness of it.

Comment Really? (Score 0) 268

You seriously expect her to know the ins and outs of IT security? Really?

Did you really think that at any point she would have been like: You know, It was raining on Sunday, so I was flipping through the email setup manual from the DoD, and I did a quick audit of my email server, here's a list of things that need to be fixed.


Back to these clowns, who in their right mind wouldn't just add her email, domain, or ip to the white list? I'm guessing the same clowns that were thinking "Hey, we got this notice that Hillary set up her own email server and now wants email routed there, good for her, you go girl!" instead of raising some alarms.

Comment No, the russian people know too well (Score 1) 207

The Russian people know that caring bout those principles is a joke and complete waste of time. No matter the government they've had, they've been screwed over, be it the Tzar, the commies, the capitalists, and everyone in between. No matter the party, no matter the message, the end result has been a few people at the top stealing whatever they can get their hands on.

When have the rich people of the US, or anywhere, been ethical in their wealth? Not individual people here and there, but the whole lot? When have they not influenced politics, pushed out competition, etc?

When was the last time the super rich haven't tried to hide their wealth from governments/taxation? Because I can guarantee you even our half-human half-monkey ancestors would hide their sharpened stones and sticks or hunted animals from one another.

Comment Honeypot (Score 5, Insightful) 153

I think the University was essentially a honeypot.

They couldn't really do that with a "real" university lest the people they catch claim that they were in fact just trying to go the said real university. This way they set up a new university, sent out some brochures about how they 'love to work with our foreign friends' and let the people come to them. The fact that the university didn't exist before helps their case in that the people involved really weren't about helping people get an education.

Comment Re: IFTTT Explained (Score 1) 177

You're on slashdot, complaining about things being too automated. WTF, I mean seriously. Maybe you should find a site with a more appropriate geek level.

Chances are very good that the scanner software cannot automatically place images into a document, but can automatically save documents into a folder.

Option A:
Open scanner software, hit scan, done.

Option B:
Open scanner software, hit scan, get to image in a folder or desktop, start evernote, create new note, drag image into new note.

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