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Comment For gamers (Score 1) 94

The main bottleneck now days is seldom the CPU. Now it's more about storage speed, GPU, RAM, and bus limits. Some of the gains IMHO aren't really worth it. Instead of 145FPS with everything on... it's 153 FPS!!! W00t!11!1!!11! Who cares if my eyes can't tell the difference or the display can't keep up! :P

Comment Yes- non-fixed route, fixed schedule- buses (Score 3, Interesting) 124

This could work... only if people would let it. The main complaint I see is ... but I don't want to sit with a stranger. What if these 3000 cars had individual compartments... complete with a comfy chair, newspaper/video of your choice, and a coffee? That might be enough for some folks. That plus having them dynamically allocated means not having to wait long and if you miss it/run late, schedule another one to pick you up.

Comment He did explain (Score 1) 96

Actually that's what he did. The woman who had called in the first repair, called him again and blamed him for breaking the machine again: he was the last one to touch it, so it must be his fault. He tried explaining to her how the other part that broken wasn't related to the repair he did and she didn't believe him, especially since it had broken again so soon after his repair. He showed up to fix the machine again and insisted that she stay and see the repair for herself (she was going to leave). He showed her that it was physically impossible for him to have broken the other part as one was only accessible from the top, and the other required him to pull the machine out and lay it on it's back to get to the bottom... but for the sake of good customer service and rep., he wouldn't charge her for the work. After having to do this a number of times for a number of clients who only had Samsungs, he got sick of the constant questioning of his repair skills. It wasn't worth his time and the aggravation.

Comment Not surpised (Score 4, Informative) 96

I was just talking to a repairman last week about how he refuses to repair Samsung appliances. They are so bad that they were breaking before his repair warranty expired, causing him to do free repairs for folks. The clients incorrectly assume it was something he had done, even though it was a different part... fix the water pump, the motherboard fails, etc. It caused him to LOSE money on any repairs. So now he just refuses to work on any Samsungs. The other warning sign for him... all the replacement parts are all new part numbers... almost none of the original parts are listed. They crank them out fast with flaws and then try to fix them after the fact. Just plain horrible engineering!

Comment Easy, he'll call the ISP (Score 1) 351

Like most Joe Sixpacks he will call his ISP support (to complain or to request help) and they can tell him that his camera system is infected/exploited. He'll then call his friend asking for help... and depending on the amount of knowledge his friend has... will either throw out the system, replace it with a new one, or patch the system.

Comment Straight to ground instead of sky (Score 1) 170

Also the there is the ability to capture the CO2 right at the source and pipe it directly into the volcanic bedrock. Think pipes to ground vs smokestacks. Or a thing you attach to automotive exhaust pipes that you then have to empty at the gas station while you are refilling your tank. Etc.

Comment Conspiracy theories? (Score 1) 664

I actually agree with the parent post... something is going on to make this drastic of a change. Normally I would agree with you and say everyone has their tinfoil hats on too tight but there definitely seems to be something else to this. Maybe not a conspiracy but... are they hemorrhaging cash? User base slipping away faster than they'd like? What? These moves have the scent of desperation. Why not wait for the gradual switch by folks via new machines, OS support expiration, etc.? I thought they had plenty of cash/time and inertia to do it. They are damaging their brand, losing any goodwill they have by forcing users over, and not to mention scaring any up-and-coming business into choosing different software/platform (the ones that didn't have an Enterprise version the could avoid the Windows 10 mess).

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