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Comment Re:Clone (Score 3, Informative) 159

No. It would be more like if you combined the genetic material of two eggs from the same mother together. It's a mish-mash of genes with a high degree of of similarity. So for example your odds of getting two copies of the same gene are greatly increased. This leads to a higher degree of birth defects and recessive gene combining in unpleasant ways. A clone would actually be *less* genetically damaged.

That being said, it probably works out more-or-less okay for one generation but much beyond that it quickly becomes unsustainable.

Comment Re:Wireless headset with wired option? (Score 1) 252

My Sony XB950BT headphones do exactly that. Though I haven't tested what happens if the battery in them dies and I try just the wired connection. But they do work for wired/wireless as desired. Rechargeable from a micro USB connection like most Android phones, but strangely does not work wirelessly with a PS4.

Comment Re:Almost Pointless (Score 1) 218

The only reason you can get away with that in so much of software development is because a lot of really smart people who came before you wrote the library functions in an optimal fashion, thus removing the need for you to remember that quicksort is preferred over insertion sort for large datasets. Instead you just call a sort function from the library and you don't have to think about it.

Comment Re:Windows 10 Is In Permanent Develmoment (Score 1) 172

In all fairness, for the business folks out there they do make a LTS version of Windows 10 that is stable an supported for at least two years for businesses that are sensitive to that kind of thing. Of course you have to be on an EA agreement to get that, but if you're not big enough to warrant getting an EA agreement, then you're probably also not big enough to have a rigidly enforced change control process.

Comment Re:Better Idea (Score 1) 105

Actually, they do not have to get permission to distribute those discs. Once they buy a legitimate copy of it they can do whatever the heck they want with that physical disc short of actually copying it themselves. Redbox went through this a few years ago. Companies weren't happy with their business model and so stopped selling them the discs in bulk. Solution? They sent agents into stores in the area and bought the DVDs at retail, loaded them in the box and rented them anyway. When the MPAA tried to cry foul on that they got told to pound sand. Eventually they worked out a deal to sell them in bulk because it was better for all involved. But the First Sale Doctrine pretty well covers the rights you have to property you legally purpose.

TLDR: because a DVD from Netflix is their property, whereas streaming content is licensed and not owned by Netflix.

Comment Server Admin Needs to be Fired (Score 1) 302

There is no earthly reason why everyone should be allowed to send emails with 1.2 million recipients. Any email with more than some reasonable number (say maybe 100ish? Certainly not more that 1000 even with that big if an org) should not be allowed to be sent except from a very small list of authorized users.

Unless of course management caught a bad case of the dumbass and forced the admins to leave that setting on. In which case the managers should be fired.

Comment Re:More like... (Score 1) 275

Windows 7 will still get security updates for another 3.5 years or so (along with Windows 2008 and 2008 R2). If you have an EA agreement you also have downgrade rights. And finally, when those 3.5 years are up you can actually directly upgrade your Windows 7 devices to Windows 10 without have to refresh the entire OS. This is not going to be nearly as painful as the XP --> 7 upgrade was.

Comment Re:Invaders from Earth !! (Score 1) 231

More likely they'd be fine with it as long as we posted the seeding plans to the local planning department (maybe four or so light years away from the target star) at least 50 years in advance then we should be fine. Even if the plans were located at the bottom of a locked filing cabinet inside a lavaratory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of Leopard".

I mean, if they can't be bothered to pay attention to local affairs that's not our problem. No sense griping about it now.

Comment Just do what a human driver would do... (Score 1) 364

Decrease speed as significantly as possible to minimize injury/death to the pedestrians and take whatever standard evasive action possible before the collision happens. If hitting the pedestrian is unavoidable (like, because they ran out in front of the car) then tough beans. In any case automated systems have vastly better (nearly instant) reaction time compared to a human driver so the stopping distance is really only limited by the mechanical capabilities of the brakes. In this super-contrived example with a human driver you would probably have 5 dead and 3 critically injured from a human driver vs. say 2 dead and 2 critically injured from a self-driving car just due to differences in impact speed from reaction time decreasing. It's a non-issue. Most people don't have the moral awareness to drive themselves into a tree to preserve "more lives" when faced with a snap judgement call. We shouldn't expect it of our AI's either.

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