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Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 156

Or if someone has an irritated neighbor, or the police don't like them or...

What you describe, apparently with glowing approval, isn't supposed to happen in a society of laws, not men. We aren't talking about the occasional cop letting something minor slide, but building in the discretion of officers to enforce the law. This is ripe for abuse. The law should be more specific.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 156

That's the risk of not living in a planned covenanted community w/a strong HOA and restrictive CC&Rs. That's a decision you willingly made. In exchange, you have more freedom to paint your house whatever color you want, hang your laundry out to dry, park your RV in your driveway etc.

In most cases, Airbnb guests are not that obnoxious and those few that are, like all Airbnb guests, move on quickly. You've obviously never had the "neighbor from hell" who was a permanent neighbor (or long term renter) and there was nothing you could do about it except move and try to sell your now devalued house (perhaps because the neighbor is exercising their free speech rights and have posted racist or otherwise offensive materials on/around their house -- such as a prominent swastika that doubles as a wind vane and lightning arrester high above their house).

The argument it is about noisy neighbors (or zoning, for that matter) is completely specious. Politicians worldwide seek power so they can get in the way, so they can get paid to get back out of the way.

This is reduced but still present in the US. As with Uber taxis, this is about the entrenched interests being protected. Mouthings of noise or safety are red herrings -- literally the most famous form of memes: ideas that get you to behave in ways that get them to spread, where the idea has nothing to do with why it "wants" to spread, whicb is increased control to protect entrenched interests.

Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 3, Insightful) 303

You may own the car, but you do not own the software that operates it. The right to use that software is granted to you under certain conditions, of which this apparently is one. It can be revoked at any time, effectively rendering the car useless.

You may own the car, but you do not own the software that operates it. The right to use that software is granted to you under certain conditions, of which this apparently is one. It can be revoked at any time, effectively rendering the car useless.

Whose car is it? And you will reply something. And I will again ask whose car is it? Repeat until it js my car.

Comment Re: Kinda makes you wonder... (Score 1) 72

I remember when Windows started denying user permission to delete system files, which made manual virus recovery impossible.

I have had to do 3 reinstalls over the years because I couldn't remove such files, and neither could the virus detector.

At one point I had the virus detector running in a loop removing what it could, which fought the virus to a standstill so the computer could be used, but some deeply-rooted thing kept reinstalling it.

Comment Re:So why hasn't the video creator counterclaimed? (Score 1) 218

This is all defined by the law to give companies like Google safe harbor from lawsuits for publishing or copying someone else's work. It still ends up in court if the original claim is pressed, but Google is off the hook.

This, by the way, is seen as spurring the great growth of a bunch of the Internet by US companies, allowing them to protect themselves. Many Euro and other countries allow good old fashioned suing of these sites. All this crap of news sites suing to get a cut of Google profits just for being listed in a search result comes of it, as one tiny indicator of what might have happened.

No company would have risked investment without it.

Comment Some massive existing probs w/ Chrome for Android (Score 1) 22

Here are some massive problems with Chrome for Android:

1. Big Brother live feeds do not work. They work fine on Chrome for Windows, or Puffin browser for Android. Make it work exactly like Chrome for Windows, with time machine and other functionality. Do not wait for CBA clowns, who just try to dump you into the even worse CBS app, which makes you view disclaimers with each cam switch. They are incompetent.

2. Chrome keeps forcing me to download mobile versions of web pages, and I have to manually select desktop reload. I cannot even change this as default behavior.

Why is this a problem? Because many "mobile" web sites think, for some godforsaken reason, that the excruciatingly limited phone real estate means put up an immovable, unclosable banner and menu line taking 1/3 the already insufficient screen space. On Washington Post, this can be upwards of 3/4 the screen with this useless space. Yes, you read that right.

3. The tiny button/touch rectangle size of many widgets means the wrong things are often clicked, leading you to a new page. Click back (as here) and boom, a big data entry is wiped as clean and spotless as Ivanka's ass.

Remember the contents outside the obviously flawed form fw/bw crap. You do this, quit waiting for standards or incompetent sites like Slashdot.

Comment Re:The war on speech is already being waged.... (Score 2) 379

Sticks and stones can break my bones, and words can cause permanent neuroendocrine damage.

We're headed towards that -- where your thoughts become merely physical processes in your brain, and this becomes physical evidence -- bye bye Fifth Amendment.

The only question is whether the 5th will disappear before the 1st as people argue the bad feelings your words cause can be traced to the same physical brain processes, and therefore banned.

Don't laugh.

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