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Comment Re:The Trouble with Closed IP (Score 2) 81

These products are patented. If you so wanted, you could look up the patents and provided the ~20 years are up start up a factory and start producing them. The trick isn't the IP, it's the fact that no one in their right mind would build an entire factory to produce a product with such a limited market.

It's not an IP issue, it's a tooling issue.

Comment Re:Gravity waves already confirmed, nobel prize (Score 1) 85

It's not until you can recreate the process that you will know if the dove was in the sleeve or if the magician picked up the dove with the other hand while you weren't looking.

Technically you can't know if that's what the magician did. You can only rule out what he could not have done.

Comment Precision on a MAD deterrent (Score 2) 230

I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with a precision modernization program for a nuclear arsenal. For better or worse, our MAD deterrent seems to have worked. No country has used nuclear weapons since WWII. They are doomsday weapons and any use of them would escalate a conflict well into a total-warfare situation regardless of their precision. A nuclear weapon applied even on the most restricted and limited of targets is the most destabilizing thing you can probably do. Worse yet, it encourages other countries to consider 'usable' nuclear weapons of their own. As much as I hate our current situation I would hope we would work towards disarmament rather than finding more palatable means to deploy nuclear weapons.

Comment Re:Looking for ideas - what's the answer? (Score 1) 935

As someone who is not a citizen of the USA I have to ask, what do Americans think is the answer?

Honestly? End the drug war on all drugs and repurpose that money into non-discriminatory mental health services. Currently our civilians are being consumed in a proxy war between the police and the cartels.

After that? I'd start with a massive effort to reform our police forces. Currently there is a massive divide (real or perceived) between our police and the people. We have given a great deal of discretion to police officers but the oversight that should accompany that discretion is practically non-existent. Until we can get our urban areas behaving more like communities rather than a bunch of people living in close proximity I don't see us making any headway. Eliminate the profit motives from our governments who use the police forces as a tax collection service and revenue generation tool (fines, asset forfeiture, etc create perverse incentives)

So in short: End the drug war, reform our police force into a community force.

Comment Re:Smart gun types (Score 1) 935

You forgot the most important part: Putting a battery into a gun. The magnetic one might get around this, but the RFID and Fingerprint options would have you relying on a small battery. Even if you don't need to shoot, how many of you have opened up a battery case to discover that one has corroded and damaged your device? How great would that be to discover that your firearm now has a corrosive item included in it?

Comment Re:NYC taxi system could DESTROY uber (Score 1) 210

The main difference in the business models is that Taxi companies have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a taxi license/plate/medallion, the supply of which has been artificially restricted by government regulation. This forces costs up for them and prices up for customers. There is no such regulation on Uber and so they are competing on unequal terms.

The supply of the taxi medallions has been restricted by regulation... regulations specifically lobbied for by the taxi companies. This is their own mess that they created, and a disrupting technology is ruining the business model they turned into law.

Comment Re:Japanese disaster movies (Score 1) 211

They are building a large apt building near Conshohocken. The thing must be 5 stories tall but the whole damned thing went up with wood framing (at least it looked like it from I-76). I'd imagine that there are quite a few buildings like that which would have model like collapses if subjected to typical movie building trauma.

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