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Comment Re: Sure... (Score 1) 262

It has to do with the standards laid out for interoperability (I don't know if it's the OBD standard but it's something agreed upon by the players in the industry.) Basically in order to make everything as plug and play as possible it all has to be able to talk to each other, which by definition makes it less secure. There's no such standard/requirement in, say, avionics, which is why you have physically separate networks for the different systems on an airplane.

Comment Re:Fuck That! (Score 1) 227

The fact that people even care what's "canon" sometimes boggles my mind. You shouldn't ever get invested into a fictional universe to that degree. The IP owners will do whatever the hell will make you give them more money, so having any personal investment in these types of decisions really just makes you a pawn.

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