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Comment University computer lab (Score 1) 478

Supported a university computer lab with several hundred mac & PC workstations. The macs took longer to set up, but once done, they required almost zero maintenance. We'd have at least two or three PCs down every week for various OS / virus / hardware issues. And yes, both sides were heavily used. This was roughly 15 years ago - pre-OSX, so I'd imagine they are even more reliable now in a lab environment, as you couldn't lock down anything back then (the PCs were locked-down Win2k boxes)

Comment THX Used to mean something (Score 2) 44

Movie theaters that were THX certified used to be a big deal. It meant they met standards on equipment quality and maintenance. Projector bulbs were replaced - projectors were clean, you had to have decent quality screens with proper gain, and properly sized and tuned sound equipment for the theater.

Then they stopped caring. I remember seeing a movie at the only THX certified theater in the area in the late 90s. The movie was so dim half the picture was pushed to complete blackness most of the time, and one of the subwoofers was clearly shot (RATTLERATTLERATTLE)

Then came the multiple fiascos with THX certified DVDs released with screwed up matting, pulldown flags set incorrectly, and all kinds of color timing problems.

It was a good idea, marketed wrong and managed poorly.

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 3, Insightful) 181

So when every yahoo on your segment fires up BitTorrent your VoIP stops working? No thank you.

Basic prioritization:
1. Realtime Communications Traffic (VoIP)
2. Remote interactive sessions (RDP/SSH/Games/etc..)
3. Streaming Video
4. Streaming Audio
5. Web / Mail

That's it. Realtime interactive communications get priority over non-interactive communications, which get priority over high latency operations, which get priority over ANY downloading. Of course, this should only kick in when the tubes are saturated, otherwise it doesn't matter.

Comment Satellite Radio (Score 1) 291

Check the forums to see if anyone else is having this problem. If not, it's probably an issue with your antenna. Sync has nothing to do with the radio firmware, which is pretty much the same for every satellite radio. They all source the same chipset and firmware from the same company. I'm guessing the cable to your antenna is defective or the connection is bad.

Comment Romney (Score 1) 199

Anyone remember when Mitt Romney called out Obama for not paying enough attention to Russia, and Obama laughed it off with "The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back becausethe Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

Good times!

Comment Re:Give some protection to Combetta (Score 1) 382

The first link give links to a strategy memo where the author, Penn, suggests that Obama has comparatively weak American roots and that Clinton could make a big point of her middle class middle American roots. It never questions that he is American, or suggests implying he isn't. This is categorically not evidence that Clinton or anyone associated with her claimed Obama wasn't American.

Isn't that a bit hair splitting? Don't you see how, if we were talking about a republican candidate, this would be labeled, in the very least, as running a xenophobic campaign? The details may differ but the insinuations are the same.

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