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Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 153

"This notion of controls being crappy is ludicrous..."

I'm guessing you only game on a gamepad? If you want an example of a modern game that has absolutely horrible controls on anything but a gamepad, look at Dragon Age: Inquisition. Its controls are absolute shit on a mouse when in combat -- the first DA has fantastic controls. Despite EAware's lies, the game was designed only for a gamepad, so when it comes to mouse controls, they are downright crap and complete afterthought. This game is one of the worst offenders, but there are plenty more that are just crappy to play on a PC, because the developers really didn't bother to test/design their game for anything but a gamepad.

And I know you're questioning the parent, I wouldn't want to play some games on an Xbox, because it doesn't support a mouse... I own multiple controller, several gamepads, a HOTAS, racing wheel, and of course a good mouse. I like using the best input for the game at hand and gamepads fit a very narrow niche compared to all the games that a mouse encompasses. And I'm getting an Oculus in July and I honestly don't need the bundled gamepad, I'd prefer if I could just trade it back in for the Touch-inputs they're releasing later on -- which is how they're intending it to be played.

Comment Re:release notes should have informed users (Score 1) 360

"if it wasn't for the fact Windows 10 is slow and bug ridden"

Overall Win 10 is my favorite OS -- I say this as a guy that up until recently still worked primarily on Macs and has done so since the System OS days. Win 10 runs great on my three PCs( 3 upgrades ). It's the quickest -- at least feels this way -- and most stable OS I've used. It has been stable from day one.

I don't like that Windows uninstalled CPUID. That annoyed me, but it only took me a couple of minutes to reinstall it. Now if MS had uninstalled one of my production programs without asking, I would have been really pissed off.

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 1) 144

Apple stopped supported my first gen iPad after 2 years and I have not received any updates since. But in comparisoin, my Nexus One -- which got its last OS update at 2.3.6, a phone that's about 5 years old -- I was still given the option to update Google's services up until I retired the phone this year.

It's a mixed bag with Android and one that's overall better IMO, as the OS since early on has had so many useful features, some of which Apple only more recently implemented into iOS and others that they'll never do so -- like true access to the file system. I absolutely prefer the fact that Android is not a locked down OS, has features more inline wiht actual computers, and that Google's latest services -- so the newest Maps as an example -- are always offered up to older versions of it.

I really don't care if my device is running the latest OS whatever, if that OS hobbles what I can and can not do with "my" device.

Comment Re:this article is flawed (Score 1) 250

Yes, Android supports USB optical** and floppy drives:

**Optical drives that are Fat32 compatible and the Android devices USB port must have enough power to feed it.

I have ScummVM installed on my PCs, Macs, Android tablets, phones, and anything else that will accept it. I own all the original games in "box," in CD, 3.5, and 5.25" floppy and have imported the files over the years from various platforms -- I've owned DOS and Mac version. For my Android tablet and phone, I have them installed on the external SD card. The same goes for all of my DOS games that I loved and now have with me just for the sake of it.

Comment A perfect mouse should not require a CLOUD... (Score 1) 199

So definitely not my Razer Naga 2014 edition -- or anything Razer now. It required I log in just to get to the button config screen and the option to go into off-line mode. If I had not had an internet connection, I would have not been able to config my new mouse, a problem I have not had with the prior two Razer mice I own.

Comment Re:Boy that will win more users.... (Score 1) 415

10.9 was the first free version of OS X and it was released in Oct 2013 -- so about a 'year' ago. Not sure where you're getting years?

Prior to these new free updates, I've always paid about the same for each new version of OS X -- which I've been using since version 1, and about the same for each new version of System OS.

And given how much Apple charges for upgrades on their hardware -- which are now soldered on in most cases -- and for their Macs in general, which now have a shorter support life than before, I can't see how they're loosing money on their OS...

Comment Re:Charge whatever, man (Score 1) 415

Free OS X upgrades "now" is the least Apple can do, since they charge a developer fee and require you be absolutely current with their OS if you want to access their latest SDKs. 10.8 and sooner were not free. I preferred it when they did not upgrade their OS on such short turn around, as these updates tend to break things. My version of Logic is completely hosed on Yosemite -- I skipped Maverick. If I want a working version of Logic, it's going to cost me $199.

I'm not feeling the free part with OS X.

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 1) 101

Wacom lowered the price of the Companion. I agree that originally it was overpriced, but now I think it's fair, which is why I bought the 256Gb model. It's the same price as a SPro 3. And before I ramble about the Companion, I agree with your assessment of the SPro 3 over the iPad.

Anyways, with the Companion it not only has support for tilt, but rotation via the Art Pen, 2048 levels pressure, and no need for batteries. There's also the option for of other pens, like the mentioned Art Pen -- which I bought; and each new stylus has its own unique ID, so in programs like Painter each one can be a completely different art-tool. The Companion also has programmable thumb buttons, which are really useful.

And for programs like Painter, tilt is absolutely essential and the same goes for rotation with some brushes. But I guess that depends on one's art style and preference of tools.

For my own needs, the Companion was worth every penny. It's more than met my needs and completely replaced my MacBook Pro + Cintiq 12wx. If it had not been made available though, I would have bought a Surface Pro.

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