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Social Networks

Your Ex-CoWorkers Will Kill Facebook 267

Random BedHead Ed writes "Cory Doctorow writes about the downside of social networking on the Information Week site, with a focus on Facebook. While he starts with some minor but insightful quibbles, he quickly moves to a critique of the core of social networking: 'Imagine how creepy it would be to wander into a co-worker's cubicle and discover the wall covered with tiny photos of everyone in the office, ranked by 'friend' and 'foe,' with the top eight friends elevated to a small shrine decorated with Post-It roses and hearts.' Do you really want to add your boss and coworkers to your friends list? (And more to the point, do you really have a choice?)"

Submission + - A new Law for (parallel) programming languages (

An anonymous reader writes: Anwar Ghuloum writes in his blog: "The sequential execution model set the bar very low in terms of language design...far too low to expect opportunistic development of sustainable languages for productive parallel programming. So, for parallelism, we've ended up feeling kind of unsatisfied. But we're about to turn the corner on parallelism... Given the convergence(s) of these technologies and parallel programming: rather than seeing a slowing or sustained new-language-every-18-months rule, we might see a significant acceleration in this rule."

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