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Comment Re:Pro Shareholder Agenda (Score 1) 182

Shareholders shouldn't get anything more than a share of profits relative to their share of shares. Just because you've put a bit of money in a company (alongside thousands to millions of other people) doesn't mean you should get a say in anything.

Exactly! Businesses should look to Slashdot for advice rather than people that are invested in their company.

Comment This backlash is done by children (Score 1, Insightful) 626

Anyone that even states they will meet with Trump are faced by backlash, protests, and boycotts.

The idea of forcing Trump to stay solely within his echo chamber just shows that these whiny people and businesses (including all the people that threaten to boycott anyone that might even sing at a Trump event) are nothing more than pouting children.

I hope Trump just keeps moving forward. These are not people that will ever be satisfied or content with Trump. There is no reason to cater to them at all.

Comment Re:That's incredible! (Score 1) 113

some reason become terrified when governments do what they are supposed to do and represent the interests of the people.

Because once government has that power, it has that power. For those scared of Obama, this was a real fear. For those scared of Trump, this is a real fear.
And usually, government breaks things even more, then get tasked with coming up for a solution for stuff they broke.

Comment Re:That's incredible! (Score 1) 113

It's about freedom of interference from government. That freedom of interference doesn't just go away to give you discounts on your cell phone bill.

It amazes me how deeply people want government to be controlling everything (and yes, I aware people think subsidies should entitle the government to take over a business - just wait until that logic is applied to people on social security or welfare.)

But fortunately, if this is something you think is well within governmental roles, you got a lot of places in the European Union to move to.

Comment Re:In rural areas, wanted increase from 10 to 25Mb (Score 1) 292

It was about users being able to go into a mode indicating they wanted to receive compressed video at lower resolutions in exchange for not having it apply to their cap, (or in some cases, using their allotment less quickly). The "deals" made with content providers were contractual agreements, available to every content provider, even the tiniest of startups, at no cost. The agreement with the providers was either 1: do nothing, and if we notice you streaming HD video to a binge-on user, we'll try to compress/reduce it; but user still pays normal data rates. 2: work with us so we can know when data you serve up is streaming video, then we'll compress/reduce it when sending it to Binge-on users, and user gets free bandwidth. 3: Compress/reduce the video yourself, work with us so we can know when you're sending compressed video to binge-on users, and promise that you'll only send decent quality compressed video with binge-on users; and user gets free bandwidth 4: let us know you're opting out and that we shouldn't try to compress your data, regardless of the user requesting video being compressed by nature of being in binge-on mode.

You gave a much better description than I did

Arguably, there are problems with this offer, but it's far from the preferential-treatment anti-competitive deals that really get people up in arms about net-neutrality.

I believe there is even a few Slashdot article about it as well.

Comment Re:Not doomsday (Score 1) 745

Climate change changes resource availability. Particularly water. If areas that once had water no longer have water that will put stress on their economy potentially making them less politically stable.

And for the areas that now have water but didn't before will be rich!
Do you really think the environment will just change from one day to the next giving economies and people no chance to adept?

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