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Comment Re:Surely Wikileaks can function without Assange (Score 1) 241

if a lot of people who didn't like Trump anyway hadn't used it as a convenient excuse to distance themselves from him. How Republicans react to stuff about Trump is not Clinton's responsibility, and is not really the media's responsibility.

I do agree with you on this.

The Republicans as a party are a corrupt and spineless group. I admire how the democrats back and defend their own no matter what terrible thing they did or allegedly did.

I cannot respect a party that has no loyalty or backbone. I wanted Cruz to win because his values and polices where more in line with mine. But he didn't win and I moved forward.

Watching Trump go on the offense against the Republican and Democratic establishments as well as the press has been a real pleasure to watch. It is great watching someone finally trying to lift the curtain of corruption.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 1) 241

So if it was an American releasing these documents, it would be worth looking at? While that is very nationalist of you, discounting information just because it came from another country supports a pretty isolationist view.

It's interesting watching a lot of the hypocrisy of this election. The most recent when Trump said he might contest the results depending on what information we have at the time. For the party that contest the Gore/Bush vote and then loudly used it to discredit Bush's presidency for much of his first four years, it crazy watching them act like Trumps answer is a threat to the very foundation of our democracy,

Comment Re:Surely Wikileaks can function without Assange (Score 1) 241

The reason the information is ignored is it is, at best, very weak circumstantial evidence of any wrongdoing, where "wrongdoing" does not even bear any semblance to a crime, but merely some slightly embarrassing kind of cozying up.

But an 11 year old tape of a man talking crude is worth days of non-stop coverage? (I am talking about before the accusations came out.)

Comment Re:Surely Wikileaks can function without Assange (Score 1) 241

I'd go so far as to say that Wikileaks has lost all credibility with him still around.

He has made it clear it is no longer an independent actor, so everything Wikileaks does from now will be tainted with his bias.

I don't understand this feeling. Does the motive even matter other than to fact check the information he is releasing? That should should be done regardless of motivation. His motive is just as likely fear knowing as Secretary of State, she was ok killing him via drone and is afraid what she will do to him as president.

To make things more perplexing, Hillary and the media aren't even trying to dispute any of the information's validity. The only argument they are making is that it's not fair that what they are doing has been made public.

He is outing government corruption and massive press confusion.

I do not understand how the media can spend hundreds of hours more time on an unverified harassment claim regarding an incident never brought up before that supposedly took place 20 years ago than on actual alleged current corrupt government activities.

If this is any indicator, do you honestly believe that the press will stop their collusion with Hilary when she becomes president and start becoming journalists again? She will have close to unchecked power - especially knowing that the media will destroy anyone that opposes her.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 2, Insightful) 241

he would have released all this information weeks ago before they cut off his internet. By parceling it out over the course of October as we get closer and closer to the election, makes him appear more and more like a political player and dissident with an axe to grind...and probably isn't winning him friends at the Embassy.

Kind of like how all the harassment accusations waited until October? Or how that tape from 2005 of Trump saying nasty things was sat on until October?

There is a big difference between "the government is keeping information from the people and they need to know it right now" and "I have information that I think the people need to know about specific things that I support. But I'm going to wait until the right time and place, as determined by me, to release it."

I agree. I feel exactly the same way about how Obama's FBI is releasing the documents they have from Hilary's investigation in pieces making people tired of the story before we even have the complete picture.

That said, I have a feeling that Assange releasing all the documents have more to do with him knowing that she was ok with us killing him via drones than any love of Trump.

Comment Re:Movie theaters (Score 1) 342

Who really has to see a movie on it's release date?

Who really needs to see a movie period?

There are a few big drawls for me to see a movie at the movie theaters
- Date night (not the same when you have kids and watch a movie at your house, no matter house great a TV set up you have)
- Being able to talk about a movie when all my friends and coworkers are still excited about discussing the movie
- Avoiding spoilers for movies I want to see (even though the movie trailers do a good job at that already)
- When I lived in a cheap apartment that was not soundproof or large enough to create a movie theater like experience

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 239

I have pretty good experience with prime in San Antonio with both UPS and USPS. I can't remember the last time I received something from Amazon by FedEx.

In fact, the only time I get a package from USPS on a Sunday is when it's shipped Prime. I thought the delivery ETA was a system error the first time I saw a package estimated to arrive on a Sunday.

And that is with stuff coming from other states (I always hope for that to avoid the 8-9% sales tax markup.)

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