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Comment Re:Carbon fiber is plastic (Score 1) 149

I looked at some of the linked article, and watched the damn video there, and the takeaway i got from it was that when they fused the flakes of graphene to form this fantastic new non-2D material, they fuse in a rather geometrically unique way.
Then; being scientists, they wondered if the magical properties this new strong, light graphene material possessed where due entirely to the nature of graphene, or if perhaps this unique geometric shape it had taken was partially responsible.
Thus; the science wizards took other, simpler materials, (plastic) and using "THREE DIMENSIONAL PRINTING" they duplicated this intricate new geometric structure, and Lo! verily, the materials they had wrought into this twisted new form (plastic) performed marvelous and wondrous new feats of strength and durability, so bolstered by their newfound shape.

Sorry, I'm a bit sleep deprived. But yeah, thats the gist of it.

Comment Re:amazon deforestation (Score 1) 125

You know, I hear about this horrendous 'Banana Blight' about twice a year, for the last decade. On and on about how its going to end the cavendish banana, but you know what? I've yet to see an increase in the price of bananas, or shortages, where they are unavailable (I work in a grocery store, so we'd notice).

Not saying that the blight is not a thing, but perhaps the people who raise bananas are not as fucking stupid as the news makes them out to be, and have been careful, and able to mostly control the spread of it?

Comment Mechanical Failure (Score 1) 338

Mechanical Failure by Joe Zieja. Sci-fi comedy. Easily the most entertaining and fun read of the year so far. Re-reading it now for fun. I read a lot of fiction as escapism, but I'm also ever so slowly working my way through 'the road to serfdom' by Friedrich Hayek. Its serious stuff, and takes focus to read, so Im taking it slow to be sure I get it all.

Comment Re:It helps the economy too (Score 2) 351

For that stuff, its now worth it to go down to the hardware store, and in the lawn section, they have ethanol-free fuel in cans. they also have pre-blended fuel for trimmers and chainsaws, the stuff that needs the oil mixed fuel. I've used them, and they run much, much better on it than E85.

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