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Comment Re:History = Fiction (Score 1) 109

Which is exactly my point. The process by which we make beer (or bread) is very, very non-obvious. 3000 years ago, it's likely they had very different ideas then we do today.

To take an approximate guess of the ingredients and then assume you can recreate the recipe is idiocy. Can you take a fresh bottle of modern beer as a finished product, analyze it in a lab and create an identical copy? Of course not. And we know all the modern beer making techniques. So you think you can take 3000 year old residue of beer and figure out what they did 3000 years ao?

Comment Re:Overwatch Loot Boxes? (Score 0) 69

Kids today don't want a skill based game. It's not fair that the better player should win most of the time.

The sense of entitlement kids and snowflakes are learning these days is everyone is equal, you put in your time (grinding) and you get your gold star (level up). I hate the current 5v5 model because it hides your skill completely. Whether you win or lose is up to the random generator that made the teams and there's almost nothing you can do about it.

Just try to find a game where it's everyone for themselves, they're very rare and usually lower budget indie game. Treating players differently based on skill is just discrimination against bad players. We can't allow that. Of course bringing your own team of 5 is being a social little snowflake and that will be rewarded with plenty of wins.

Comment Re:New corporate HQ (Score 1) 101

Like everything else Apple has done for the past 5 years, it's long overdue, it should be ready any month now, and it's way, way more expensive than the previous version while somehow failing to impress as much as the hype.

Comment Re:Sure (Score 3, Informative) 57

You're right about that over exaggeration except you're the one doing it. The Apple II came out 40 years ago this April. The Altair 8800 article that inspired Bill Gates was years old by that point. This is also the 40th anniversary of the TRS-80 and Commodore PET.

It would be a smaller exaggeration than your nugget to say there were 1000 different *models* of home computer on the market 40 years ago.

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