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Comment Re:Poor corporations (Score 1) 305

Look all the problems San Francisco is having. More businesses moving into the centre, turns it into an industrial park that shuts down on the week-end.

Doesn't have to be that way. Chicago has as much foot traffic on the weekends as it does during the week. Just build new high rise residences with retail shops on the street level. That helps a city reach the population critical mass that it needs to for downtown retail and restaurants to survive on the weekends. San Francisco's problem is due to politics and hostility to new residential.

Comment Re:If you were here... (Score 1) 305

So the mayor is studying ways to avoid an active-by-day deserted-by-night city. Probably this won't go through exactly as is, but these companies may be asked to leave certain residential areas.

The way to accomplish that is to build new housing downtown with retail/service/restaurants on the street level, residences on the higher floors and maybe some office space in-between.

Comment Re:Candidate found for Trump speechwriter (Score 1) 257

Unfortunately, you can't watch someone floss their teeth and see the health benefits happening. You won't know for years

Sure you can. You can examine the gunk that removed by flossing even after brushing. Is having food debris in your mouth and promoting infections a good thing or a bad thing?

Even if a person wants to be obtuse about the above, it only takes a couple of weeks to see objective evidence i.e. gum bleeding reduced or stopped, reduced inflammation and reduction in pocket size.

Comment Re:Floss (Score 1) 257

Flossing has little to do with cavities; it is more about preventing gum disease.

Chronic gum disease leads to pockets at the base of your teeth where the gums have pulled away due to inflammation. Does your dentist take measurements? For a lot of patients that they view as a lost cause, the dentists don't even make a big deal about it. You can check this at home by flossing and seeing if your gums bleed.

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