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Comment Re: you no longer own your devices (Score 1) 193

Perhaps. But those decisions are left to duly elected officials, ultimately responsible to the people. They haven't received a request or a mandate to perform this function. In this case, a company is deciding they know what's best for you, and are breaking your equipment on purpose. I'm pretty sure I can't just walk up to a note 7 owner, grab the phone out of his hand and smash it on the ground.

Comment Not the Law Enforcement Agency (Corporation?)'s fa (Score 1) 534

The lack of compeitition... that problems on the government's side for allowing it. Actually, the majority of the fault is with the local government for allowing this. From what I've read, the police are legally right. If the state doesn't like it, they should change they're own laws, not fault a company for abiding by them. Now, that being said... they should definetly change the laws/situation... because police with no oversight is a very bad idea.

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