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Comment Re: Ignores the issue (Score 1) 85

Why would the Clinton campaign risk doing anything now, when they're already cruising towards a landslide victory? Trump did a fantastic job of disqualifying himself at the debates; now all they have to do is run out he clock. To try some "October surprise" at this point would gain them very little, but if it went wrong somehow it could hurt them greatly.

Comment Under what circumstances would a user notice? (Score 2) 153

Are there situations where a user would notice a slower flash write speed on their cell phone?

The only time I can think of where a phone would need to write massive amounts to flash is during an OS upgrade (which is hopefully a rare thing) -- even during an app install, the user is likely to be bounded by their network's download speed, not by the speed of writing to flash. Similarly, while recording live video, the phone only needs to write at the bandwidth of the video stream, no faster.

Is there some use case I'm missing?

Comment Re: Many believe that we live in a computer simula (Score 1) 1042

I'll just point out that you could have a candidate that tells the truth 100% of the time, and half the nation would still think he/she was a liar, because his/her truths wouldn't fit their worldview.

Most people don't have a complete understanding of how the world works, but they are unaware of the limits of their understanding, and when contradicted their first impulse is often to suspect the honesty of the person who contradicted them.

Comment Re:It goes both ways... (Score 1) 332

An irrational citizen [...] isn't likely to suddenly become rational just because there's a camera present.

True, but if they are recorded on video, their misbehavior is more likely to put them in jail (or treatment) for a longer time, and thus they won't be out on the streets acting irrationally so often anymore. The end result is the same.

Comment Re:"free of snow and ice" (Score 1) 163

Did they build it in ID just b'cos they are ID based? Death Valley or AZ would have been better locations.

If you were putting up a beta/demonstration site for your product, would you build it close to your workplace, or 700 miles away? Keeping in mind that anytime you want to check/tweak/repair/upgrade something, you're going to have to make the trip from the office to the demonstration site, and back.

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