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Comment My Favorite (Score 1) 110

Many baby monitors are so powerful that they effectively cover the entire home and pick up all kinds of adult conversations. A scanner and a bit of extra effort and you can tune in and learn a whole lot about what goes on in some families. Read that as whose baby is it. When daddys away mommies often have numerous "friends".

Comment Yester year (Score 1) 69

In the 1960s there were false answers listed in the back of some text books to catch students who simply copied answers rather than actually thinking out the solution to a problem. Actually a similar tactic could be employed to catch teachers by placing false information in the texts. I have seen professors with lofty credentials repeat a false fact that they were taught when they were in college and it tends to get handed down from generation to generation. the reason why is quite simple. Even at the Ph.D. level many professors have never actually done any original research. Their research is limited to studying what professors that came before them accepted in their training. This exists due to the depth of study is limited as professors might have to spend months on some rather obscure information that often was not available a few years ago.

Comment One Up On That (Score 1) 225

Machinist frequently use a tool called a boring bar. You might use such a tool to bore out a rifle barrel for example. But machinist often are grumpy and drink to much at very boring bars and come to work and make mistakes when using a boring bar. And then we wonder why foreigners find English such a difficult language to learn.

Comment Pointy Hats (Score 1) 159

The ethics priests need to take a break. Obviously any cure for any disease or condition has spin off effects that may or may not be considered negative by some people. Suppose for example we find a genetic cure for schizophrenia that persists through out generations. Obviously many people with such a condition would never be born. How the heck can anyone weigh the horrors of that illness against the potential joy or contributions that a schizophrenic might experience or create/ How about manic depression? Or how about severe mental retardation? Some people really love their handicapped children. Does that somehow imply that we should not prevent mental retardation? How the blue heck does anyone propose to carefully weigh the results of eliminating any illness? After all if we let smallpox lose on the population it would reduce traffic congestion. Who dares define what is negative or positive for the world ?

Comment Grief, Confusion, and Greed (Score 2) 640

People who drive drunk lose the ability to coordinate and she apparently could not use proper judgment in her use of the accelerator pedal. It may not have mattered a bit what vehicle she was in. A bicycle or a motor scooter with very slow acceleration can kill a drunk as easily as a Tesla. I am sorry for the father's grief but Tesla should sue him for this nonsense.

Comment No Difference (Score 1) 110

Police cars often have devices that auto record all license plates near the squad cars and run checks on them. It is a great way to find stolen cars and motorcycles. Naturally such systems can be attached to buildings or poles or whatever and in a way they do have a record of where your car has been. I do not see it as a privacy issue. If I am in public view anyone has the right to snap a picture of me. Are we at the point of saying that police must have less rights than all other members of the public? Obviously we all will and must have less privacy as population sizes grow and threats become likely to produce really large consequences.

Comment Not New (Score 1) 626

Clear back in the mid 1980 era we had engineers on domestic flights that were held at airports until FBI folks could bring in an engineer to inspect the circuits with a fear that we could be handing over technology to foreign agents. It was an odd sort of thing as apparently the fear was that an engineer could hand over a circuit board while in flight, to a person who would transfer to another flight leaving the US. Usually our people were carrying either computer boards or robotic boards, none of which were in violation of any guarded secrets.

Comment Amusing (Score 0) 720

Frankly i find it amusing that anyone thinks there is any option other than a basic income for all people. I under stand that there is a huge pile of beliefs and platitudes that will put many minds in opposition to a free income. But when human labor, either intellectual or physical is no longer needed there is very little choice. We can list a bunch of vital issues that relate to simple miseries or fears that are caused by poverty. Alcoholism, mental illness, sexual crimes, drug addictions, mad bombing such as the Oklahoma City Court House, armed robberies, economic crimes and many more all are related to people simply being unhappy. There is a huge tax issue due to these unhappy or frightened people acting out. Now imagine a system in which more and more people are in fear of sleeping on the streets, going hungry, or needing medical care that they can not get. That creates a climate of a brewing and ultra violent revolution and also opens paths for our enemies to take over our nation. Today truck drivers know full well that their trade is quickly ending as do taxi drivers and delivery people. Construction people are still cloudy on the notion that their trade will vanish. Factory workers have already been sort of slaughtered. Retraining is a dead end. The new trade will vanish all too soon. Teachers are now being eliminated by computer led class rooms. In some cases lawyers are also already being replaced by computers. Surgeries are now done by robotic means. No trade is exempt and unemployment will soar. In real poverty the poor become dangerous and will not silently starve to death in some dark corner.

Comment SPLIT THOUGHTS (Score 1) 594

First all workers need unions. Unions are at times the only protection for workers as government agencies have been crippled by right wing politics. However when it comes to assembly line workers $25 per hour seems like too much pay. I do not feel that mandatory over time should be allowed by law. Further these auto workers need to think for a bit. They may notice that companies often leave the US due to excessive costs of labor. And then we have the fact that Mr. Musk understands automation and efficiency and that given a motive a lot of jobs could vanish if his factories automate a bit more. We are entering an era in which human employment is vanishing. It is a foolish time to push for higher wages.

Comment I Dislike (Score 1) 233

Our nation has people with many different lifestyles. I dislike the notion that we must always show deference to the more conservative types. I see nothing wrong with having string bikini models passing out literature or answering quotations about a product. Nudity or near nudity should not upset anyone including young children. I doubt that many people have not had a toddler walk by a TV when a very graphic scene was on the screen. the young ones show very little interest and don't appear to even notice such things going on. If they did and asked a difficult question one could simply say that some people like that sort of thing and that should be enough to cover the situation. The prudes simply have too much to say. For example when birth control pills became available many people fought like crazy to make them illegal. And even from their view point birth control stopped tens of millions of abortions. It really makes one wonder what the heck the prudes really want in life.

Comment It WORKS ! (Score 1) 399

It is known that if the income is substantial that it actually saves money foe a governmental system. My only reservation is that Kenya may not have an honest enough government to actually put the money in the hands of the intended recipient. In the US, in many areas, it is assumed that a person in deep poverty will work under the worst conditions or starve to death quietly in a dark corner. That is a fantasy. people in poverty will steal, sell drugs, commit armed robberies or even murder to get by. Things are so twisted that if a person is suffering enough poverty a smart move is to build some sort of history of addiction and by doing so get fed and sheltered in a rehab, hospital; or even a jail. Fort Lauderdale has seen the extreme edge of this with alcoholics who live in the jails. They get arrested quite deliberately. After a few weeks or months they are put out on the street. They will walk about, see the sites, smell the air and then walk into a restaurant, order a large meal and then not pay the bill in order to get a ride back to the jail. A variant is to walk into a liquor store twist open a bottle and chugalug as much as they dare and have the store owner call the PD to drive them back to the jail. Sometimes they even go back to the same cell or cell block and swap stories about what they did this time. Four arrests a year can get them food, shelter, and medical care for that year. It costs the city a fortune to play the game which pleases the drunks to no end. These folks belong in long term care in a hospital like facility where therapies known to achieve good results can be tried and the inmate protected from their own suicidal type of alcohol abuse. It would actually be cheaper than keeping them in jails with multiple trials etc.. When released these folks are often way too burned out to work and would only be able to survive with a realistic income from the state.

Comment HUGE DEMAND (Score 2) 318

Both for skilled and unskilled labor in the US the demand has always been enormous. Yet the people and most of the companies can not pay a decent wage to workers. If we have any delusions about supply and demand let's confront a bit of reality. Just how do we excuse not paying lofty wages to laborers when the demand is so enormous. For almost all of us we would perish faster without migrant farm workers than we would if we had no doctors, lawyers or accountants. But the people that labor on our crops almost live in slavery and they die young from that labor as well. We have a total failure of economic justice in America. And it is not new. It has always been that way.

Comment Duh ! (Score 1) 328

Mathematics, physics and chemistry all involve learning a formal language which is far removed from normal languages . However for English language users a knowledge of French, German and Spanish as well as Latin do have great value as it helps the user have a better grasp of the English language. Most Americans have a poor grasp of their own language and we need to push to make that less of a problem.

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