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Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 172

Very few businesses or police departments give a hoot about bicycle theft. It is a shame. Worse yet, our courts are not punitive enough when bicycle thieves are arrested. It is unreasonable for a person to need to carry any bike locks or lock his or her bike anyway. Catch a bike thief and make him pay the owner twice the new price of the bicycle and put him on a probation that will demand that he be at the city park at 5AM to salute the raising of the flag every day for five years or face five years in prison. Even a school kid would get the point when they here other kids complain about having to stand at attention at 5 AM and raise the flag. What people fail to know is that every year there are more murders involved in bike thefts than in bank robberies. It is time to end bicycle theft and give bicyclists special benefits as they are not burning gasoline or diesel or causing traffic jambs or parking issues. Design the roads for bicycles and make cars the guest class on our roads.

Comment Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 3, Insightful) 141

The idea that people should be free to conduct business seems to be foreign to NYC. And has anyone bothered to actually confront how many issues this opens up? A girl stays with me for three weeks. Who gets to question me about why she is with me? Is she a relative, a friend, a sex partner or a health aid as I am an older man? Who exactly assumes the privilege of questioning me? Further, if cash changes hands with no receipt, how is proof established? Can i pound on the door of a neighbor i do not like and grill him about exactly why someone stayed with him overnight and can i legally prove that someone actually did stay overnight? Who defines overnight? I had a girlfriend who lived in a condo. I alway left about 4am. I rode a motorcycle that was banned from overnight parking. They were smart enough never to call a tow truck. If they had i would have sued them into the dirt. People almost never think of the consequences of writing rules or laws.

Comment Chant In Unison (Score 1) 80

There is no inflation! There is no inflation !!!!! Give the seniors a .031 increase in Social security checks while Comcast raises a price 333% in three years. Then base the inflation rate with gasoline as a factor but only when gas prices go down. When gas prices go up make certain that they are not part of the index. Anyone feeling a bit screwed by all of this?

Comment Netflix Against Linux (Score 1) 212

Netflix currently insists that one install SilverLight which is a Microsoft program in order to view NetFlix. This slaps Linux users right out of the boat and is a serious insult for those who refuse to run Windows products. It is an unacceptable situation. It is as if it is a conspiracy to force people to run Windows.

Comment Death Of America (Score 0) 356

Journalists should not only be permitted but deeply encouraged to record events and make them public according to their own viewpoint. That includes inside businesses such as food processing plants and any other place likely to commit certain horrors. That is what America is all about. A free press and the publics right to know even if it does cause a riot or financial collapse of a business or industry. Here is one huge issue. If nothing else a pipeline is a declaration that we will continue to use oil. The burning of any oil based product absolutely assures the death of innocents as it clearly causes cancers, heart diseases and a host of lethal illnesses. Not only should we resent an oil pipeline, but also refineries as well as tanker trucks as well as ships carrying oil as they have already produced severe harm to the environment and human health. How can people trust a government that promotes secrecy and business over the life and health of its people?

Comment A Very Partial Solution (Score 1) 270

Every tiny bit helps but even with more public housing projects there will be more and more homeless people on the streets. The basic reason for all technology is the lessening of human effort. We have reached the toggle point. That lessening of human effort is now the lessening of human employment in that employment is simply a catch all word for human effort. Putting good pay checks in people's hands whether they work or not will enable people to have housing. I am aware that to most people that sounds idiotic but in truth it is what we really must do for society to survive. And in a political season may i point out that Hillary's plan to install 1.5 million solar panels per year will create quite few few thousands of jobs. We can also employ many thousands in the forestry trade to clean out our forests of dead trees and leaves and the like to help with the firestorms caused by global warming. The creation of numerous lakes in the mountain areas of California, Oregon and Washington state could provide quite a bit of work and give fire crews a water supply when fires break out as well as the lakes being a natural fire brake. Meanwhile my small town is now forced to lose 1.5 billion gallons of fresh water a day due to having too much fresh water at hand for public safety while our sub surface fresh water is no longer adequate to support our local population. Maybe instead of pipelines for oil we should be building pipe lines for water so that dumping fresh water into our oceans is no longer needed. There is real work to be done and if we must pump water to the drier states we should do that with solar and wind powered pumps.

Comment Serious Pain (Score 1) 121

AI is 100% of the best thing that could ever happen in this world. But the transition will cause a lot of misery without government and society getting certain concepts and rejecting many belief systems now held too firmly. for example the concept of working for a living is really about to vanish. Major trades are about to vanish and we are only at the beginning of what is about to take place. Yet just about nobody is doing a thing to make the transition easy and comfortable for the masses. Right now some tractors work the fields without human operators. How long before the farmer, himself, is no longer needed?

Comment In The Storm (Score 1) 38

It might be good for others to know that I was in the storm. Comcast cable has content delivered by satellite and also has controls for program delivery that use phone lines. During almost every storm cable TV becomes unavailable or the power lines are intolerant to storm conditions and your TV is useless even if the power stays on. But my Roku box avoids that telephone component completely and I was able to watch Netflix on Roku all night without interruption. Those who live in areas that do have hurricanes frequently might really want a Roku unit of their own.

Comment Just like 1960 (Score 4, Informative) 277

In 1960 I noticed a KKK meeting going on in a field. I parked my car and went to watch the clown show. Men in trench coats were writing down car plate numbers as well as taking pictures of the cars and plates. Oddly for the FBI to be seen doing that is more discouraging to free speech and free association than doing it on the sly. Local folks might have chased the clowns out of the field if they were not frightened to park and get their plates recorded or maybe photos of their faces taken. Watching an event never implies that one approves of an event.

Comment Re:Wind and natural gas (Score 0) 275

Reduction in CO2 creation simply delays the death sentence for our planet. We need not only to eliminate much of the CO2 already released but also need to stop new creation of CO2. Increasing natural areas as well as taking action like planting large bamboo forests would help quite a bit. Bamboo sequesters CO2 for the first five years or so of its life. Harvest it and use it for products that do not require burning that bamboo and you chain it up for the long term. We must get the S.American governments to stop all slash and burn farming and all nations need to limit birth rates as well. States such as Florida can install solar farms to turn energy into treating fresh water and sending it to areas that are too dry across the nation. My town has been dumping almost one billion gallons a day of fresh water into the ocean for several months in a row. How much Texas desert could be irrigated with one billion gallons per day? One thing is sure. If we do not wage war with global warming and CO2 production we will suffer total economic and political collapse as well as exterminating most of the human race. The discomfort of doing what must be done is nothing at all compared to what will soon be upon us if we take half hearted actions.

Comment Better Learn To Duck (Score 1) 1042

OK, so some god or very, very advanced being or race is creating us and our perceived reality. That means that they want us to exist and exist inside this matrix as well. If we somehow could break the jail and get out and still exist wouldn't that risk retaliation for such as escape? Plainly said would we be pissing God off?

Comment Not Related To Need (Score 1) 88

All governments repress conversations between citizens. It does not relate to a need to do so. It is not because a nation has enemies or the danger of some potential emergency. It is almost as expected as the fact that a banana will ripen and turn black. It can have to do with corruption and a seeking of ways to make money, a desire to maintain power, or a desire to squash people not liked by an administration. And frankly it is next to impossible to stop. If a spy agency wants to steer certain people to use a particular encryption system there would be one heck of a motive to get refused to break an encrypted product as a lure and announce in a subtle way that the government is frustrated at not being able to penetrate the product. We never know if it is not a spy agency actually creating the encryption programs. This went as far as a very superior cell phone being sold in Miami that was designed to lure drug dealers to use that phone and every conversation went right to the FBI and probably other agencies as well.

Comment A Hard Problem (Score 1) 348

Perhaps gold platters with a system much like LP records could contain information that could be retrieved with fairly simple efforts. The problems would include wars and thefts, the deliberate altering of facts, burglaries , and opposition by various governments. Also deciding what is fact and what is opinion in the original proposed data would cause endless strife. issues like who shot JFK or the qualities of current presidential candidates, would include all kinds of disagreements. Can you imagine such a disk that contained "elements within the US government, combined with the military, industrial complex, used resources within the Maffia to kill president John F. Kennedy." being acceptable to the US government?

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