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Comment Re:Duh - what's good for Ford is good for Michigan (Score 1) 141

Yeah, I've thought about the difference as well, but all-wheel-drive vehicles with vehicle stability assist do really seem to make snow- and ice-covered roads seem like pavement on a dry, sunny day a lot of the time.

So.... you're saying that cars work better when a computer is controlling the brakes and power delivery instead of a human?

Comment Re:For the love of God no (Score 1) 101

I'm mostly with you on this but I'm going to suggest a compromise. Allow people to make calls for the first and last 30 minutes of the flight. That way people can still make their teary farewells to relatives who missed (or couldn't be bothered) seeing them off, and they can make arrangements for people to pick them up or meet them after the flight. I think that's reasonable. Anything more that that, and they will have to provide quiet sections on flights, or else I'm just not going.

Huh? They couldn't do that in the terminal?

We need to make it a social norm to punch people in the face if they pull a phone out on an aircraft.

Comment Re:Pratchett and Baxter already predicted this (Score 2, Interesting) 273

It's actually a thing, Google "elective cesarean birth".

Women want to plan their expensive baby-party for a particular day, etc. You can't leave that to chance, not when you need to book the venue and the catering.

A lot of women also don't want to go through all that scary 'labor'' business or get their prize-winning vagina all stretched out.

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