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Comment Re:Fake News (Score 1) 190

Its metallicness was lost, and the actual hydrogen likely escaped the room in the process.

Now, how something that requires that much diamond-shattering pressure to exist in the first place will be revolutionizing anything in the consumer space before every boomer on the planet is dead, that's some hyperbole that's lost on me.

Comment Re:Fake News (Score 2) 190

The paper said that aerodynamics are unable to explain how bumblebees fly. There were no equations at the time (may still not be) that would allow wings that small to generate enough lift to hold the bee in the air - they're using properties of turbulence and other less well understood fluid dynamics to get their lift.

Comment Re:s/drug trials/climate change/g (Score 1) 263

I'd say that peer review is a misnomer - if you can't replicate the experiment, you're not a peer.

Not saying that all peer reviewers should replicate the experiments before approving articles for publication, but I am saying that if they are truly incapable of replicating the experiment, then they have no place judging the fitness for publication.

This would leave the "top labs" in the world "peerless" - and they could be published in separate "peerless" sections of respected publications - get their studies out faster, and encourage other labs to come up to speed in reproducing the experiments so as to both validate their results and bring up the capabilities of labs worldwide.

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 268

life on these planets an unlikely impossibility.

I think your unintentional double negative is actually forming a reasonable conclusion: chaos, upheaval, relative stability due to tidal locking, all of these may very well combine to create an environment in which self-replicating processes thrive and evolve. The garden of Eden? Definitely not, but the creatures that evolve there might have equally horrific visions of what living in a bath of aggressive bipolar solvent would do to them.

Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 268

Oops, sorry, it was actually the civilization living _on_ the star periodically drawing excess power that made it look like 7 small planets circling it. The environment of the dwarf star being uniquely suited to formation of stable magnetic loop plasma codons which have evolved over the millenia much like our DNA to support a diverse ecosystem of creatures that live on the surface exploiting the temperature differential between the surface and space to perpetuate their growth, locomotion, reproduction and evolution.

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 303

Strong "manned" culture at NASA, Venus is not a near-term target for manned missions.

Agreed, JPL should be doing more science missions there, and I agree with Stephen Hawking's assessment of how much of GDP we should be spending on space exploration - but Congress doesn't.

Comment Re:The whole "blue light thing" is pure BS. (Score 1) 118

Computer screens mess with some people differently than others. SADD is a thing, and some people living north of the Arctic Circle have a major challenge with winter, others aren't so bothered by the noon-time night.

If you have a highly sensitive "blue light neuro-regulation" system, then, yeah, wear the LED visors if there's not enough light in your life, block the blues when you need to. I suspect there are more actual gluten-sensitive people in the world than actual blue-light sensitives.

Comment Re:The whole "blue light thing" is pure BS. (Score 1) 118

I have a pair of amber tinted glasses - meh. Blue light, schmoo light. Like any other light filter, it dilates the pupils a little, narrows the focal depth of field, seems a little more relaxed - calming. In the outdoors, there is arguably more "excess blue light" or, put another way, the blue light contains less useful information than other colors - which is why your eyes are less sensitive to it in the first place.

If the color balance on your computer monitor isn't to your liking - adjust it, they almost all have these nifty settings you can dig into to set the screen to various color mixes.

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 303

Those landers that went to Venus and died after minutes on the ground are a big part of Venus' PR problem - who wants to fund a(nother) flame-out probe that costs a billion dollars and sends back 90 seconds of video before dying. Even if we "beat the Russians" and make a lander that lasts 10x as long, that's not even two news cycles.

The gas giants feel more predictable, especially further out, mostly due to the lack of solar energy input. The resources are quite bland, and the gravity wells are deep - perhaps better to try their moons. One assumption is that if we're doing anything like this, we've cracked the next generation of energy sources (fusion?) beyond fission, so lack of solar power shouldn't be an issue.

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