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Comment Re: The three debates (Score 1, Insightful) 181

It's not about the face in the camera, it's about the entourage of political appointees who are going to get choice postings after the election. Who has a better string of lackeys following them?

My assessment is that Clinton's lackeys are more experienced and will lead to a smoother transition from Obama's... Trump will be putting in a lot of people who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, in over their heads, and a few who shake things up for the better - on balance, risky and unlikely to lead to a better outcome overall.

Neither of them are humans, at least not of the 99.9% variety. Attempting to judge them as such is a waste of time.

Comment Re:I'm glad somebody is on the case (Score 1) 191

Or, you know, vet the vendors your are buying from before doing that patented "one click to buy and ship."

Amazon (as the name implies) has a wide variety of vendors - if you're getting Disney DVDs for $4 a piece from Hong Kong Joe, it doesn't take too much insight to predict that they're going to be rips. Might take a little more sophistication for cable selection, and in the Apple space, there may just not be good 3rd party cables out there.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 3, Interesting) 191

Except, I got an iPad one, direct from Apple, sealed in the box. Used it for a few years and the (genuine, came in the box from Apple) charger cable had a strain relief failure. Took it to the Apple store to buy a replacement and had the "Genius" on duty harrangue me incessantly about how my cable was a shoddy knockoff and can you see the difference in how the genuine ones are made? Yeah, I see that Apple had really crappy strain relief on their charging cables, whether iPhone, iPad, or MacBookPro mag-lock, they were all crap from 2006 to (at least) 2010. "Genius" can go F himself and his attitude - as can the company that sold a $700 bullet-proof tablet and then proceeded to disable it through OS updates so that within 4 years it was completely worthless, and then they were selling $700 tablets that cracked and broke easier and easier with each passing generation.

Comment Re:Let us know if you need to support for older (Score 1) 265

What happens in the Windows world is that the hardware vendors (not the OS authors) write the drivers for their hardware before they release it.

Both models can work, but what it means is that Linux is left playing catchup, especially with the "new shiny" stuff like HD video capture cards a couple of years ago. We convinced one vendor to write a Linux driver for us, but only after we quoted usage in the 1000s to them, and also let them know that we might go with another vendor (bluffing, but it worked).

Comment Re:I do. HP's Linux driver more up to date than Wi (Score 1) 265

The industry I'm in requires 7-10 years of future supply availability for things we design/validate... so, we tend to stay away from the EBay bargains - sure, they work great, but we've got to supply 1000 copies a year for the coming X years, and make multiple departments confident that we will be able to do that.

The last driver nightmare I had was on a video capture card - we needed "HD video capture" and the selection in Linux was down to 2 potential vendors, whereas Windows had a dozen or more to choose from. That situation may be improving today, but 2 years back, it was pretty annoying.

The current system I'm working on is a hybrid, Linux and Windows under a hypervisor - lots of reasons for that, some of them good.

Comment Re:So a bunch of retarded propaganda? (Score 3, Informative) 83

You exhale chemicals that make water acidic - you can measure that in a tabletop experiment, bubble exhaled breath through water and read it on a pH meter. It takes a tiny change in pH to start killing coral.

Now, that same chemical you exhale is exhaled by cars, trucks, and power plants by the tons per second. Every tree and plant on the planet can be burned to release more of that chemical, and we're deep into the process of doing just that, not only for the current crop of living trees, but also for the geologic deposits of plant growth from the "carboniferous period" when there were no fungi to rot plants when they died, so their dead bodies made coal deposits instead. New coal isn't forming (in bulk) because in today's biosphere, dead plants rot and convert to CO2 gas instead of solid coal.

Is it enough to change the oceans? Surveys in places like the Great Barrier Reef, hundreds of miles from the nearest human activity, say yes - over the last 40 years, mass quantities of corals have bleached and died.

Maybe some millennium new coral will evolve to be more acid resistant. Meanwhile, the ecosystems that depend on them will die off.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 265

The thing I find most attractive is the open source software that is platform agnostic (Qt based, and otherwise). Those are the tools I use most often, and I hope that becomes the new standard. Crap like OsiriX that only runs in OSX, Autocad that only runs in Windows - they are best in class for what they do, but they remind me of the old Mentor Graphics suite that made you buy a Sun system just to use it - obnoxious.

Comment Re:That WAS true in 1998. Other way around now (Score 1) 265

Keep telling yourself that.

Now, go purchase a printer from Best Buy (yes, some customers of ours still want things on paper, and there's a whole vampyric industry that serves them). You've got better games selection in Linux than you do printer drivers, and neither hits the high points.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 265

And I agree- especially with my Win10 boxes recently re-installing Windows Store launchers to my taskbar, reactivating Cortana, and turning "helpful tips" back on - GTFO! But, again, these OS failures don't diminish the ecosystem. The Linux ecosystem is growing, and getting more an more useable as a professional platform (yes, it always was used in _some_ professions, but I'm talking more about the mainstream than the cherry-picked examples).

Lots of forces keep Windows in-play, many of them unsavory, but the fact remains, Windows is in-play, and you can't completely ignore it. Plenty of people can, and do, completely ignore Linux.

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