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Comment Is capacity next? (Score 1) 47

The BlackMagic Production camera needs 265 MB/s for it's 30 fps 4000 x 2160 CinemaDNG RAW recording mode, which means it would fill the big card in less than 10 minutes. How can we make amazing quality home movies of our children if we have to fiddle with changing cards every 10 minutes?

Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 1) 183

This would make a lot of sense to me, if the add-on item shipped free when I purchased any regular prime item that came from the same warehouse, but instead they tie it to a dollar amount purchased, which feels exactly like they're forcing me to play by rules I already bought a membership to avoid. What it makes me want to do is think of any add-on items I might want whenever I buy something like a TV that I know will ship in a separate box, or something like a micro-sd card that I know would ship in a little mailer if it wasn't for the 5 jars of spices that were all add-on items.

Comment Re:The republicans will... (Score 1) 399

It's already 200 bucks "more than you need".

In communism, maybe.

What UBI means is that I can tell an employer to take a flying fuck and I still have enough money to survive. But UBI money only permits survival. UBI money plus a pre-UBI basic minimum job still doesn't get me up to the 50th percentile. So while I might be able to get a little bit ahead on UBI + 200, even at UBI + 1000 I'm not going to be buying all the cool stuff I want to own. If I'm a good worker, employers are going to be in a bidding war for my services, because they're going to be getting exactly zero out of the lazy bunch. Those guys won't even come in. And, they aren't going to be hiring that dreamer, either, because UBI is going to let him survive until his home business gets enough of a reputation for him to start making money while being self employed. Employers could hire at below minimum wage because if there's UBI, there's no reason for the government to force them to pay a minimum wage. Market forces are a different story. UBI will reduce the number of employees interested in being in the job market, so the ones who remain will be worth more.

Comment Re:What is the objective of UBI? (Score 1) 399

Are you familiar at all with how things go with EBT cards now? Have you read any of the many articles about people figuring out how to use this benefit to buy drugs? I think you're quite mistaken if you think anyone gives enough of a shit about the poor to track each person that thoroughly.

Comment Re:The republicans will... (Score 1) 399

So, first you say "companies will get away with offering WAY less money as compensation for work," then you say that working "will for some probably be something they do when they want to afford something special, and only for the time necessary to get that."

So, how is it that companies will be offering "WAY less money" to incentivize work if people become less interested in doing work?

Comment Re: Well, damn (Score 3) 335

and put us on the short end of a deal.

Kinda depends on who's "us." The corporate investors, the corporate board of directors who serve them, the workers put out of a job when the corporation switches to outsourcing, the customers who get shit when the corporation decides to make a cheap, shitty product - all four groups are US citizens.

I missed it...when exactly did it become wrong to want your country to come out on top when dealing with the rest of the world?

I also missed it...when exactly did it become wrong to want your country to hold to a better standard than that of looters during a natural disaster? Whatever happened to "I could not love you half so much loved I not honor more" ? When did we decide that our collective behavior as a nation should dive to the same level of shortsighted behavior as that of the assholes among our citizenry who switched to outsourcing, and for the same reasons?

If you want to talk about what the Chinese government builds, perhaps you'd care to look at how they tax?

Comment Re:What about region-encoding on DVDs? (Score 1) 74

If you prefer a multi-region player, that works. The law making it illegal for the publisher to disable playing DVDs on such players won't apply to DVDs you import from another region unless the publisher is domestic. My instinct towards ripping them is because when I see movies on local media, most frequently I see them played from the collection someone has on a mulit-terabyte external hard drive.

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