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Comment Re:Desalination (Score 1) 599

I really don't have a problem with my water bill. I know how much it costs the city and they make no money on the water. Several small towns here go together and split the costs of the building the lake and matainance and now the wells. It's not cheap, but the costs are mostly local, we did get a grant that the towns had to match for the wells due to the extended drought. In the next 5 years I expect the water cost to increase by at least 50% and our sewer plant is about to need updating and the costs are expected to be 2 to 4 million to bring it up to date. For a town of 800 people that's gonna hurt!

Late reply......

Comment Re:Desalination (Score 3, Interesting) 599

OK, I looked it up....
Ventura Calif.
Water for single family housing 15,000 gals 75.65
Waste water 62.45
total 138.10 bi monthly

West Texas near Lubbock
My water bill 3000 gals PER MONTH
Water 65.86
Sewer 34.00
Total 99.86
Bi Monthly 199.72

I've said it before suck it up Calif. Until you pay at least what I pay for water you get no sympathy from me.

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