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Comment Who says the amounts are equal? (Score 1) 309

Clinton has been in public office for 30 years and is a big steaming pile of evil and now we have the emails to prove it.

Despite the Liberal narrative, there isn't much being "exposed" about Trump because there's nothing there to expose that isn't already public.

It's just anti-intellectualism to assume every person running for office is equally corrupt.

Liberals just can't accept the facts: Clinton is evil. Trump says mean things.

Comment Perfect (Score 1) 259

Nintendo should have had a TV out option on its portables long ago. The games are a lot of fun and if you have to play on a small screen, fine but I'd really like to play on a big screen when home.

Since they went with cartridges it wouldn't be a surprise if it's backwards compatible with 3DS games.

Also with flash storage vastly over performing spinning media, it's a very smart move to go back to cartridges instead of sticking to whatever spinning disks are currently available.

Comment No affordable 4K projectors yet (Score 1) 207

The last "HD" TV I bought was 8 years ago and was a 32" 720p. It has long been replaced with digital projectors. I get a much bigger "screen" for about the same money.

You're much better off with a 1080p digital projector than some TV. Most TV viewing happens in the evening anyway so lighting isn't much of an issue.

With 4K, a monitor is your most affordable option.

Comment It has stuck (Score 2, Insightful) 459

That's the audio of her laughing about getting a child molester off. The tapes were buried and the media refuses to play them. Snopes still calls it "false" even though we have the audio now.

It's not disputed that she attacked the women who accused her husband of rape and sexual assault.

The current FBI investigation turned up the fact that she mishandled classified information and they said flat out anyone else would be prosecuted.

So yes, she is being protected by the media and friends.

She's a walking dead politician.

At least Nixon had the integrity to resign.

Comment Re:So then Hillary is the warmonger (Score 1) 531


Hillary and Obama have been arming terrorists to fight proxy wars against Russian interests.

Our government is running around assassinating foreign leaders through proxy and Russia is going around nation building and somehow Russia is the bad guy.

They're going to happily expose Hillary for what an evil hag she is because they're tired of being fought by terrorists armed by the US government.

It has nothing to do with "weakening" the US and everything to do with ending unnecessary conflict and bloodshed.

Trump wants to renegotiate trade deals and enable peaceful commerce between nations and he's the crazy one.

Comment Re:Perhaps they should stop chasing pokemon (Score 1) 614

I imagine there's a correlation between Gen X people who aren't well off and media consumption as well.

Media consumption is far more plentiful. Cable was not something everyone had back in the Gen X days. There was not 24 hours of content available every day.

The problem is simply getting worse.

The solution, as always, is to find something productive to do in your youth.

Comment Perhaps they should stop chasing pokemon (Score 2, Insightful) 614

There is plenty of money to be made if young people would stop squandering their youth.

Generation X had to learn how to make the things that the current generation just consumes today.

Having a computer in the early 90's or late 80's meant you had parents who cared about technology and spent a huge portion of their income to get it.

Despite the amazingly cheap and plentiful access to technology today to learn anything for almost nothing, the current generation spends the majority of their time watching YouTube and Netflix.

And they wonder why their income is low.

Gen X isn't dead yet. If you'd rather watch YouTube and be useless, we'll happily make buckets of money that you could be making as well.

Comment Creativity and Community (Score 1) 254

Having a machine mow your lawn may be all well and good but if some kid down the road wants to make some money you may be inclined to pay them anyway because it's for a good cause. Machines may be able to plant community gardens but the residents may opt to pay humans to do it instead to get the community involved.

You can learn from books all day long but there's still a market for good teachers.

What will more likely happen is what happens with all "kept" people since the dawn of time: they pursued the arts and their own creative interests.

Robots build cars. Humans also build cars because humans can inject creativity that robots can't.

Ada Lovelace wouldn't have been Ada Lovelace if she had to spend all her time making a living for herself.

There is always something to do and humans with ambition will figure out what to do and be well off for it.

Comment Re:Zoning laws are bad? (Score 2) 524

It's pretty ridiculous that I as a software developer have virtually unlimited income potential working out of a $600 a month apartment, but other people have to struggle because zoning laws force them away from potential customers and force them to pay for a place to live and a place to work.

And their customers are forced to travel miles just to go buy simple things that they're neighbors could have more easily sold them.

I like to see people out looking to make an honest dollar.

The government is run by idiots. More people should ignore them in their pursuit of an honest living.

Comment Apparently (Score 2) 170

x86 requires more power than ARM which requires bigger batteries and produces more heat.

It's a fundamentally different architecture. ARM will never be able to compete with x86 in terms of computing power and x86 can't compete with ARM in terms of efficiency and low power.

You can never do more for the same cost of doing less.

Intel is making a good decision to just focus on what they're good at. If they want to compete in the mobile market they need to try to come up with a better ARM chip.

Comment Which low wage workers are getting screwed? (Score 1) 271

Can you describe the supply chain and figure out which employee isn't getting paid what they're worth?

The McDonald's CEO makes $10 per year per employee.

So where is the money to pay these low wage workers who are getting "screwed?"

Where in the supply chain is someone bleeding funds off?

The government takes thousands per year per employee.

Can you describe this "living wage" and show a sample budget that accounts for quality of food, travel (car, public transit, etc), commute time, living arrangements, clothing quality, etc?

Comment This Is Why I Work for Lots of People (Score 1) 271

Forcing companies to pay for overtime just means you're going to get fewer hours or a lower base salary so overtime doesn't affect the company's bottom line.

I'd rather work for a handful of companies and between them completely blow away overtime limits because none of them have to pay me overtime and all I care is that I make my hourly rate which means none of them are complaining and neither am I. Not everyone is interested in only working 40 hours a week.

The people this benefits are the managers who take on salary and end up being a slave to the company. But then, this just bumps their salary up marginally and doesn't change anything.

There's no way for the government to set employee / employer agreements in such a way that everyone benefits. The sooner you can excel at something to the point you move past these income brackets of government meddling, the better.

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