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Comment Re:Patriarchal Society gets a 'Come-up-ins'... (Score 1) 566

This is, indeed, one possible explanation.

A couple of my former-then-returned-back-to-company colleagues explained it as "didn't like it there" and "much stress", yes, you could guess their gender.
I could never imagine that kind of justifications working for me, job is a place where I go to earn money.

Comment Sony had MP3 Walkman's for quite a while (Score 1) 99

They don't cost much, have great battery life and, oh my goodness, getting music on them is as simply as copying files to a USB stick.

Oh, I guess I got the "not practical" part. It's soo not practical to NOT have to install piece of crap like iTunes to do basic operations with your music player.

Comment 0.005% in 2014, dear God... (Score 1) 212

Let's not forget that it is being part of EU's economic zone that made Ireland an interesting place to invest in the first place.

"The standard rate of Irish corporate tax is 12.5%. The Commissions's investigation concluded that Apple had effectively paid 1% tax on its European profits in 2003 and about 0.005% in 2014."

0.005%, are you fucking kidding me?

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