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Comment Re:Naked is normal?! (Score 1) 255

Well, in Germany, for instance, it is normal to be naked in sauna (in fact, not being naked is not normal) and most saunas are mixed most of the time (some have "women days" some have a couple of "women only" rooms).

Might have something to do with FKK:

It feels awkward in the beginning, but you quickly get used to it.

Seeing topless women on a usual beach filled with Europeans isn't particularly unusual either.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 242

It says you can't use entangled state (they only "spooky action in the distance" we know, to transfer information.
(which tells me hidden variables theory still has a chance, note that Bell's covers only certain subset of possible HVT)
Something else might come in the future, sure, but it won't be quantum mechanics as we know it.

Comment Huh? You are wrong (Score 1) 67

It's a certification that ensures:

1) certain refresh rate range (higher than FreeSync 1)
2) that monitor supports LFC (further increasing supported refresh rates)
3) that monitor supports HDR
4) that if game engine bothered, HDR output will be supported WITHOUT forcing in-monitor chips to do re-calculation of colors, straight out of GPU

Comment Re:twitter feed (Score 1) 511

Rogue One is about bunch of people, only one of them woman (with one of the pretties faces in Hollywood, mind you) and no clear leader, bar awkward "inspiring speech". What is feminist about it?

On the opposite, Mad Max has that about all women in the movie being either victims or members of wise group of people of certain gender that tried to save civilization from male savages. Oh, and it was not about Mad Max at all. Not sure why you called it feminist nightmare, I'm pretty sure most western "feminists" out there quite enjoyed it.

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