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Comment Winter city testing (Score 4, Informative) 382

Here in Winnipeg the city Transit service has been testing electric buses for a local coachbuilder for quite a few years with what I have heard to be good results.

King County is also already a large customer for their hybrid diesel-electric buses.

If they can work well here in our cold winters and hot summers they can probably work well in most places in North America.

Comment Re:Let's hope they don't succeed... (Score 1) 55

The laws where I live are still reasonable. The *IAs are mostly irrelevant and we are always working to keep them that way.

And Trump just killed the TPP, that had all sorts of nasty copyright overreach in it so very good to see it dead. That does not make me like him though, I'm sure he had no idea regardless.

And movies are entertainment. Hardly worth censoring the internet for.

Submission + - Trump's Executive Order Eliminates Privacy Act Protections for Foreigners

Kernel Kurtz writes: January 28 is supposed to be Data Privacy Day, so it seems fitting in an alternative sort of way that US President Trump just signed an executive order that eliminates Privacy Act protections for foreigners. As a non-American, I find it curious that the person who says he wants to bring jobs to America is simply confirming the post-Snowden belief that America is not a safe place to do business. Does anyone else see a conflict here?

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