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Comment Re:Queue the world ending in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... (Score 1) 373

Have you looked at the likely impacts [www.ipcc.ch] with a mere 1K of warming?

I can look at first hand experience because we have had 1C of warming over the last 150 years. By pretty much all objective measure life is better for the vast majority of the world's population.

in fact, competent disaster planning would more likely work on the assumption of the worse case

Mitigation is not free. It actually has a very high cost all of it's own. An actuarial cost-benefit analysis is not part of science and should be done by economists, not scientists.

the only thing that's completely "settled" is whether it's happening at all

It is warming. It has been warming since the mid 1800s, and indeed for the last 12,000 years given it is an interglacial. Even if there was no science at all my money would be bet on more warming.

though we've got a pretty good idea about how & why

The lack of predictive ability belies that.


Comment Re:horse has left the barn (Score 2) 373

So, up here in Canada, in today's news are some fisherman who (fortunately) failed to get an injunction against an experimental tidal power project, and a bunch of protesters who took over a hydroelectric dam under construction. Don't think that "cleaner" energy does not have huge amounts of opposition. Natural gas infrastructure expansion is undergoing major protests. Wind turbines are noisy and unsightly and subject to lawsuits, and solar thermal kills birds. Don't even mention the word nuclear and expect to be able to hear anything over the whining.

The best part about coal/oil is that a large part of the infrastructure is already in place. Building new infrastructure is hard, because no matter what it is, there are too many complainers. So good luck with that weaning.

Comment Re: Hilarious (Score 1) 187

why they would need "connectivity."

Do they get the same devices back every game? Even if they nominally do, by best practice you would not want to leave anything "strategic" on a device you don't fully control. Ideally they should be wiped clean regularly, both by users and the NFL. Not sure if the users are allowed or the NFL bothers.

Anyway, it is a stupid idea all around but I guess the NFL makes money off it. Might as well just call the games from the local public library PCs.

Comment Re:Too clunky, but legal.... (Score 1) 310

I can use my phone far more efficiently and safely than my cars nav system, which is, absolutely, clunky. But using a handheld device in the car is illegal here. So there is a huge incentive to choose the less safe option to avoid an expensive ticket.

Good intentions and unintended consequences and all that.

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