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Comment Outbound Firewalls? (Score 1) 351

Sorry, but I don't play "bot". It's fairly simple to configure an outbound firewall... why the ISP's don't build that into their devices and block the flood on the edges is beyond me. We have aspiring AI that loves patterns, why not turn "WATSON" (or similar) loose teach him/her what to look for and provide a control channel that can be used to tune each edge device?

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Comment M&A Due dilligence? (Score 1) 129

It will be bad for Verizon if they knew about these "security choices" and still went ahead with the acquisition. (which may play out in the courts) Airing this type of soiled linens just about erases any residual or liquidation value that Yahoo may have had.

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Comment Re:Laughing so hard I nearly ....... myself! (Score 1) 59

Several years ago I went to a presentation at Oracle Open World, where they were gushing about the ability to integrate real-time public internet data into a system that could be used by police to keep ahead of protests (where/when/who).

My point was that these police and intelligence agencies would be blind without a functioning internet. The budget cutting and "small government" liars have created a system with a single point of failure, that's the real issue here. There are very few dedicated circuits that are in use that don't traverse the public internet at some point.

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Comment Laughing so hard I nearly ....... myself! (Score 1) 59

I hope everybody is as cynical as me. The worlds spies rely on the internet more than the worlds activists. Lets be honest. Where did the FBI get a list of people to "visit" prior to the upcoming GOP convention. Would that list have existed without an active internet to mine?

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Comment Surveillance is the key (Score 1) 1144


Sign the petition, lets turn the FBI and the Intelligence apparatus into a tool to really make our country safe. There is no reason to waste billions of dollars on "intelligence" when we can't even spot a crazy with a gun in our own back yard. If you want to own a gun, fine. Just assume that everything that you say and do will be scrutinized if you decide to exercise that 2nd amendment right to keep and bare arms.

Comment Requires physical connections? it isn't secure! (Score 1) 240

Remember the good old days when you could drop a bundle of fiberoptic cables into the ocean and assume it was "secure".

The transmission media/devices will always be the weakest link. Physical Plant and user devices are where taps are installed, if you have access to the media anything can be compromised. Even if we had a global wireless mesh the only security could possibly come from a connectionless node that was truly an impenetrable black box. Maybe if we created an AI that would manage the mesh and it's connections, each node would distribute the AI (black box) and manage directory, identity, and location data.

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Comment Been there, Done that (Erin & Zach) (Score 2) 178

We have been creating Intelligences running on organic processors for all of human history. The two I helped to create have some bugs, but I blame the team programming effort with the wife. (we still argue about who introduced which bugs, and if a patch would ever be effective).

A newborn is simply a set of default starter programs that interact with an increasing number of inputs over time.

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Comment Re:alibi (Score 1) 147

you didn't notice the cactus growing so close to the road? (just kidding)

I do big data for a living... Just put the camera at the last point of entry / exit and compare pictures. Average vehicle speed (computed from distance between cameras and time of day). A stock photo database of all common cars will easily tie the make and model. Cross reference the vehicle registration database to confirm name and address of registered owner. Retrieve DMV (secure id) photo of all licensed drivers in the household and attempt facial recognition match ... this can be against a series of photo's collected on a single day within the region of interest. If your driving a known drug corridor, there may be an existing stingray or continuous pull of cell phone metadata. Maybe you get un-lucky and your phone couldn't get an encrypted connection to the cell tower, don't worry it will fall back to in the clear 2g mode to help you out...

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Comment I've got a couple good guesses (Score 1) 607

1. For Profit Health Care.
Can you make a profit if people don't get sick? Or, if they are already sick and you find a cure where will you profit from next?

2. Mental/Emotional Health.
Watch enough TV(or internet) news, trigger your fear/anger response, watch more TV (or internet) news, add to pre-existing fear/anger response (repeat until ill)

3. Poor Parenting
All babies are born a blank canvas with autonomic systems for basic function. Our jobs as parents is to program the correct pathways before neural pruning establishes the "defaults" which become our firmware. The basic emotional processing that is built in to everyone builds with an almost "Crazy Glue" stickiness which gives emotional weight to our memories. Bug Filled Firmware -> Bug Filled Person

4 Poor/Failing Society
All great empires in human history have failed. Once the failure is irreversible the values and morals are the first thing to go.

These are my top 4, if I continued the list... Environmental Pollution, and Splitting some of the above into more detailed points would be easy.

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Comment Re:Why not get a warrant? (Score 1) 147

So, true. There was a decision the other day on a similar situation.

Cop: We are going to arrest you. Do you want an Attorney?
Suspect: "Well, I'm really screwed now." "Yes, I want an Attorney"

Judge/Appeals Court: All statements prior to "Yes, I want an Attorney" are fully admissible
Suspect: "Well, I'm really screwed now"

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