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Comment Goodbye Amazon Prime (Score 1) 239

I'm getting a taste of Amazon's own delivery service and I am unimpressed. I'm a Prime subscriber. I just placed a $100 order on Monday for several items, most of them Prime eligible. Some of these Prime eligible items originate 45 minute drive from where I live, so why is Amazon, using its own delivery service, taking until Friday to deliver? Prime is 2-day, not 4-day, delivery. Based on the size of the order I could have gotten free shipping without even being a Prime member, and probably gotten about the same level of service, too.

Comment How about they just make the towers near me work! (Score 1) 78

I use Google Project Fi, which is a MVNO on Sprint AND T-Mobile towers. For the last couple weeks, the T-Mo towers near my home have lacked Internet connectivity, while maintaining a strong 4G signal. The upshot: My phone connects to these towers but I have no mobile data. I've contacted Project Fi about this and they are doing their best, but it sucks right now. Part of the attraction of Project Fi is that it takes the T-Mo coverage map and overlays Sprints, resulting in some pretty good coverage, but if half of that picture is broken, so is the coverage. :-(

Comment Easy to detect, thwart, log and inform (Score 1) 228

Yes, correct. The simple fix here is to notice the delay in response from the vehicle's hail to the keyfob, and the keyfob's response. The amplification attack introduces a detectable latency in the keyfob's response due to the time required to process and relay the communication.

I am embarrassed for the vehicle manufacturer's that do not introduce a simple time-out for a keyfob response, and perhaps even introduce a check-engine-like vehicle app indicator for the driver to see that such an attack has been detected (plus where and when) and thwarted.

Comment as a LEAF owner (Score 4, Informative) 116

this does not bug me, much - the Nissan EV apps's remote HVAC feature is nice for warming up the car in the morning while it is still attached to the home charger. You can heat the interior without impacting the traction battery. Little known fact: heating a LEAF that's been parked outside in freezing weather has a greater impact on the battery (driving range) than cooling the same vehicle in the summer.

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